The Daily: January 20th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I hope you are having a good week this far. Mine as been pretty good. I maintained my early morning wake up and even pushed through a You Tube work out. It was short but my arms felt like limp noodles about two hours after so I think it was probably effective.

My afternoon post is coming a little late today because we had to do an emergency Target Run. While there I picked up a hair dryer. Is it the well researched one that I planned? No. I know nothing about this dryer other than it has both a smoothing and a volume attachment as well as a button for cold styling as well as hot. It is also a Revlon hair dryer and they are generally reliable.

When I research things I tend to take a while. In the summer time I can get away with it as air drying my hair is not a hardship. Air drying it in the winter is just miserable.

I can use towels to wick away a lot of the moisture but it is still going to be several hours with a wet head. So I picked up this Hair dryer to use while I do research. Who knows I may do my research and decide that this is the hair dryer I want. Or it could just be a hair dryer I use for now. Either way I now have a hair dryer and will not need to go running around the house with a wet head for several hours. We keep the heat low in our house and while it is fine normally when I wash my hair my ears get very cold by the time my hair is dry.

So hairdryer. Woo Hoo!

Especially since I have to wash my hair tonight.

Other than that I did my morning workout, which is good because my afternoon was interrupted by the target run (even if I am happy about the hair dryer). So if I hadn’t gotten up early I would be sans workout today. It doesn’t make me like mornings any better, but it was a benefit.

I’ve maintained my calories as well although I did want an annoyance snack. My Boxy Charm Add on order is marked as delivered by FEDEX and yet it is not here. Which means it might have been delivered to another address which has happened before. Never to the same address though. So now I have to wait until Fed Ex figures it out or one of my neighbors stops by. Thus far my neighbors have been good about things like this, but it always puts me on edge. fun stuff. Luckily there are no chips in the house for me to snack on. But it is still an annoyance. Beyond that, everything else is on track for mid week. I hope yours is doing the same.

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