Eyes open wide: trying the Brilliant Eye Brightener from Thrive Causemetics

This week I wanted to give the Thrive Brilliant Eye Brightener shadow stick a test.  It arrived in my January IPSY Plus bag and this is my first time using it.  I have to say I am really getting into using shadow sticks.  They have been cropping up in beauty subscriptions a lot lately and to be honest, until they did, I really didn’t give them a second thought.

Now, some of them perform better than others.  I’ve had a couple that make even the patchiest eyeshadow look fantastic and I have had a couple of them that have worked brilliantly. In general I like Thrive Causemetics.  I have a lip gloss that I frequently use from them and I liked their mascara enough to order a replacement as soon as it ran out.  (It is currently unopened and waiting in my dressing table.).

So how is this brilliant eye brightener going to perform?


To find out I added it to this week’s makeup bag.  Since the shade I received Aurora, is a shimmery silver, I decided to use my matte singles with it.  My intention was to rotate through the mattes, but to be honest I pulled out the KVD Vegan Beauty single eyeshadow in the shade Lolita (currently it is on sale actually, if you click on the name it will take you to the site) and just used the testing of Thrive as an excuse to use the shadow all week.

I know I have talked about it a lot, but it is such a good formula of shadow.  I can do a light wash of color or deepen it dramatically.  And it pairs so well with other shadow formulas. It is also a good wearable color. It is the shadow I always make sure is in my makeup bag when I travel because if all else fails, I can just use it and be fine.

So my KVD shadow paired with the Thrive Causemetics this week. Lolita performed well, as always.

Aurora was surprisingly creamy and easy to work with.  It glided on smoothly blended well with the powder shadow.  It stayed in place all day without creasing as well.  I will say that Aurora is a somewhat subtle shimmer.  It is more of a soft rose gold than anything else.  In the real life swatch it looked very rose gold and blended in for a subtle shine on my eyes.  When the camera flash hit it, the swatch looked oddly more silver.

pre blending the line between, Thrive is on the left and KVD is on the right

I like it better in real life than I do on the camera. In fact I like pretty much everything about this shadow stick in real life.  My one big sadness is that when I looked on the website all of the shadow sticks they had in this formula were shimmers.  There were no mattes.  I could see getting a warm toned brown to pair with this and add to my always travel with makeup bag. I could (and will more than likely) just pair it with other matte shadows, especially my KVD single shadows as it works really well. I just wish the line had some matte formulas to go with their shimmers.

There are sometimes when I do want a lot of bright sparkle from my makeup, but I have to admit, the majority of the time, I tend to go into more office appropriate looks where glitter doesn’t look the most professional.  This shadow stick gave me the slight glimmer that I like, without looking too over the top for the office.  It is a wearable subtle shine. If you are looking for dramatic, you might want to turn away. For me, this was quite a nice product.

KVD Vegan Beauty

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