IPSY Gam Bag Unboxing January 2021

This month I decided to subscribe to the IPSY Glam Bag.  I had this subscription for a while, and then I had the Glam Bag Plus.  Then when I switched to the Glam Bag Ultimate I dropped the regular IPSY Glam bag as the Ultimate had both full and trial sizes.  With the demise of Ultimate I returned to having the Glam Bag Plus (although I did also sign up for the quarterly Glam X).  When I returned to Glam Bag Plus I found that there was no makeup bag, but just a drawstring bag, which I find disappointing.  In addition, I will confess that the makeup bag for the January and February Glam Bags looked really cute.  I also kind of like having sample sizes on hand to try out before I commit to full sized products.

I know, I just like trying things out before I purchase the full size. Plus, they are great for travel. And I have hopes that someday I will travel again! So the bag is hopeful.

And I really was very disappointed by the drawstring bag.

So I signed up for the regular Ipsy Glam Bag.  It is $12 per month. They do have deals if you sign up for an entire year.  I am not certain how long I will be keeping the subscription and I didn’t like that you had to pay for the entire year in advance, so I am on a month to month plan.  So what was in my January Glam Bag?

Well, first there is the makeup bag itself.  While it has the same Dream it theme as the drawstring bag of the Glam Bag Plus, the bag is made of a rubberized plastic material.  It is nice to the touch and feels quite sturdy.  It is the same rubberized plastic both inside and out so that if anything spills cleanup is easy. 

It has a clear plastic zip tag and quite frankly I really like it.  While I do use these bags as makeup bags when I travel (I like to separate my foundation out from the rest of my products if nothing else and these are fantastic for that) I also like to use them in my purse.  I find it easier to compartmentalize items in my purse, so I use several of those small makeup bags to keep things neat and orderly. I have one that is just pens and a small notepad. If nothing else it lets me find a pen without upending the entire bag which is just super fabulous.  It really makes finding things in general a lot easier, but having the fabulous ability to grab a pen instantly when one is needed can not be overstated. 

While I keep the bags I like the most and trade them out when the bags either wear out or no longer suit me, the ones I don’t like I send to my mom.  Her church runs a soup kitchen and they also create small toiletry bags for the homeless and while they get a lot of donated product like toothpaste, brushes, mouthwash soap and shampoo, they often run out of bags and have to resort to zip top plastic bags.   They always put the bags I send to good use.

(And please ignore the state of my nails in those photos. I am testing a nail polish to see how long it lasts without a top coat and then with a top coat. so they are a bit of a mess. I tried keeping them out of the photos as much as possible. Also the links below will take you to the brand pages where possible. Except for the Rose hip oil, I could only find that advertised on Amazon. These are not affiliate links. The IPSY link is my referral code and if you sign up, I believe I get points.)

But while the bag is fantastic this month, it is what is inside that counts.  Although honestly the first product I received was actually outside the bag.  The first item in my January Glam Bag was the Slmissglam P30 Angled Blusher Blush in Lilac.  It is the only full sized item in my bag and it retails for $19.50.  Like all Slmissglam brushes it has a glittery handle.  I’ve used the shadow brushes before but never the larger ones.  I am actually looking forward to trying it out.  At the moment I am doing a brush trial of Laruce brushes (I ended up with two five piece sets of them so I put the two sets together and am testing them as a brand.  I will have a Tool Talk Post about them up soon). Once I finish my trial I will put this in rotation and see how I like it.

So now we sip into the bag.  The first item I pulled out was the Youth to the People Kombucha +11% AHA exfoliation Power toner.  I’ve tried several items from YTTP and I really like the brand a lot.  At the moment I actually have a moisturizer sample that I want to try as well.  I might test them together actually.  I think toners are the unsung category of skin care.  They are often forgotten and overlooked but I have to say I really do like them.  And anyone who has read my posts for any length of time knows I enjoy exfoliation, so I am very happy to see that as well.  I look forward to combining the toner and exfoliation benefits of AHAs and seeing where they take me.

The third item in my bag this month was from a brand I had never heard of before.  It is Clara’s New York Moisturizing Rosehip Oil Serum.  I know roeships are generally high in vitamin C which I like and this serum also has vitamin e which is great for softening scar tissue.  At the moment I am still using my Malin +Goetz Recovery oil (which I love) but I look forward to trying out this oil and seeing if there is another brand I might want to check out.

The one actual makeup item in my bag this month was the Jules Smith Beauty Power gloss in Bling Berry.  I’ve seen Jules Smith Beauty in a number of bags, but it has ever made an appearance in mine.  I swiped the gloss on my hand and it is basically a clear gloss with a rosy hue to it, which I kind of like actually. 

So many glosses lean towards bright pink and I like the deeper tones. This also smells like berries which is nice a well. I look forward to trying it out and seeing how it wears.

Finally we come to the final item and it is the Glow on 5th Hydrate + Renew Replenishing Night Cream. I have never heard of the brand but I am always up for a night cream. And the one I’m using now isn’t exactly my favorite.  It works well enough to finish out but it is so aggressively floral that I do not think repurchasing it is in my future.

Over all I am very pleased with my Glam Bag this month.  I think because it is a $12 bag I am less concerned about the retail value of the products.  At the $12 price point it is just a fun subscription that gives me products to try out and a cute little makeup bag.  According to the pamphlet, which actually lists out the products, my bag was valued at $50+. Technically as the brush is valued at $19.50, it alone more or less pays for the bag.  Quite frankly I don’t think the brush is worth $19.50, just from the way it feels in my hand.   It is pretty, but I would price it much lower, personally.  However I would say that the bag itself I would probably price at around $12. Which means I feel like I broke even before I looked at any of the products.  That’s actually a nice feeling. 

And I have to say I really like the low key kind of subscription.  For a $12 bag, I don’t expect a whole lot and tend to be really pleased with most of the items in the bag in general. The higher priced subscriptions I really want to see value for my money, but the little one is just fun.  This time around it was more skincare heavy than I might perhaps want, but all of the products in the bag are ones I am interested in trying out.  I received some brands I have tried before and liked, some I’ve heard of but never tried and some brands I have never even heard of.  It is a good mix and even though I would like more makeup, I am very pleased with my Glam Bag this month. I am also looking forward to next month’s bag.  The bag is a red envelope style bag.  In the photos it almost looks like it might be a faux leather look (although I am sure it is plastic).  It is red and has a set of gold lips at the clasp. It is quite frankly adorable and perfect for valentine’s day.  

Yesterday was the choice day for the Glam bag and with this tier you are allowed to choose one item.  I chose the Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Daily Cleansing Powder. I’ve seen it on the Amore Pacific Most loved skin care heroes list but haven’t paid much attention to it. It’s a lot of words in that name and I will be looking up details but in addition to liking cleansers and finding a cleansing peel powder interesting, I absolutely adore Amore Pacific.   Every product I have ever tried of theirs I have really liked and in fact their Oil free Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel and Moisture Plumping Nectar Cream are two products I routinely stalk on line hoping to catch a sale  I think the Hydra gel is $100 while the Plumping Nectar cream is $160.  Last time the Plumping Nectar Cream went on sale I pounced and nearly cried when the jar was empty. Since I had other creams I wanted to try I couldn’t justify an immediate repurchase, but it is on my list and I still lurk on the website. 

I could be wrong but I don’t think I’ve seen Amore Pacific in subscription bags before.  I hope this is just the start. I really hope so as those moisturizers worked so well for me I would love to try out more of their products before purchasing them.  I will be looking into the details of the Treatment Enzyme Peel Daily Cleansing Powder and anticipating its arrival. As it is already the end of January, the wait shouldn’t be too long. Fingers crossed.

For those already looking towards Valentine’s day, you might want to check out Under Club. I am a member of their regular underwear subscription service (and highly recommend it as they are quality garments this link will take you to my unboxing review if you are interested) but they also have an online store and have some adorable sets that have just been released. the link below will take you to their site. They are very reasonably priced and have a wide variety of sizes. I really like that they don’t make me feel excluded just because I am of a larger size.

Valentines Day Exclusive

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