The Daily: January 26th, 2021

Oh my darlings it is a glorious day where I am today. It is 63 degrees outside, sunny with just a slight hint of breeze. While I find it unsettlingly unseasonal, I am taking advantage. I went on two extra long walks today. I have to admit, I enjoyed them both. It was wonderful yo be outside.

Admittedly everyone else thought so too. Usually our walking trail is pretty quiet during the day. Not today. The beautiful weather and more people working from home tempted everyone outside. While I usually bring my mask and put it on when I see a singular person (usually with a dog) approaching from a distance I slip it on. Any turn on our trail is wide and you can see people coming from a pretty far distance. There are a lot of straight trails so seeing people is pretty easy.

Today I started my walks with the mask on and ended both of the walks with the mask on. Never once was it removed. I can’t complain though. Everyone else was wearing a mask as well and pretty much everyone looked like they needed a bit of time in the fresh air.

We do have a storm rolling in later tonight. I’m pretty sure that is why it was warmer today. With the rain the temperatures will drop to more seasonal levels. I just hope my tulips don’t take any damage. Some of them have started poking up through the ground. I planted them last year so this is the first full year they have been in the ground and I’m not certain if it is too early or not. Bulbs always come up first here but I usually think of the flowers as being up around easter. It’s early yet so manybe it will take a while to reach the flowering stage.

I am going to observe and not worry. Yet. I can always worry about them later.

Actually the weather is so nice I may pop outside and do a little clean up work in the back yard before I start dinner prep. The weather is just too nice to waste indoors. With rain predicted for the rest of the week, it does seem like the sensible alternative. So I am off to spend a little more time outside. And to clear away the branches that fell from our neighbors tree. I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.

Oh, and it you are inside and looking to do some shopping, from now until January 29th Look Fantastic has 50% off Eve Lom Cleansers.

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