The Daily: January 27th, 2021

Guess what my darlings? Today I finally finished the last Blackberry Hint water that came in my accidental hoard. Now for those who don’t know, I really like the Hint water. Blackberry is my favorite flavor although watermelon is actually growing on me.

In the early spring when we were shifting into going shopping once a month and hunkering down in isolation the rest of the time, my babydoll decided to put in orders for some of the things we use the most and remembered I liked the Hint water. the conversation went like this…

Him: What’s that water you like so much?

M: The flavored one?

Him: Yeah what is it, I thought we could order some to have on hand.

M:Its Hint Water, see if you can get the Blackberry.

Him: They have it, how many do you want?

Me: I don’t know, maybe six bottles.

Yeah stockpiling isn’t really my strong suit, (if i stockpile anything I start to feel a wave of guilt that my stockpiling is making someone else run short and then I give myself great angst everytime I use the stockpiled product. I know it is an odd thing to feel guilty about but but there you have it.) but i figured if I had six bottles, I could parcle them out for when I didn’t want to drink the unflavored bubble water from my Soda Stream supply without feeling the angst of stockpiling.

He set up the order and then said something that should have clued me in to there being an issue.

Him: That’s some pretty pricey water.

I don’t know how many of you drink Hint Water, but it isn’t really pricey, it is only $1 per bottle. It is delicious, but it isn’t pricey. But I let the comment go and went on about my business. Then the order arrived and there were six cases instead of six bottles.

Luckily I like it and will continue to drink it, however this bottle is the last of the stockpile, the last bottle that was part of an accidental hoard. Now I can go back to just adding a few bottles in on the shopping trips instead of having to shift cases out of the way when i go into the laundry room to do my laundry.

And the residual guilt has lifted.

I have to admit though, even though it took up a lot of space and made me feel kind of guilty for hoarding it, I kind of liked having it on hand.

But the end of hoarding is always cause for celebration. So we celebrate.

Thus far the rain predicted today has held off. I can see it edging the horixon from my iffice window, but thus far, no rain. I managed to go on a walk today, and despite all of my time outside yesterday, I enjoyed the time outside. it was a little cooler today and not quite as sunny so there were fewer people out today.

Actually, I saw no one on the trails so my face mask went into my back pocket. Apparently everyone else was all walked out from yesterday. So I had the place to myself. It was nice. As I thought it would be raining when i woke it was also an unexpected treat.

Lunch was soup and I managed to keep it pretty low cal even though the sodium was kind of high. It was Tomato Basil and for some reason the sodium is always high on those. Dinner is going to be a chickpea curry so as long as I don’t go overboard on the rice, I will be well within my calorie count.

Overall it has been pretty quiet. I went on my walk and I’ve mostly been trying to catch up on all the things I let slide yesterday so i could spend more time in the warm sunshine. Even though it has been a pretty hectic day, I can’t say I regret it. I was really nice to spend some time outside. But it does mean that I will be going back to work now, and probably working right up until it is time for dinner. I’ll take a break to chop and assemble but luckily I then just need to let it slowly simmer. It is a super easy meal and with the exception of the fresh cilantro, contains mostly items we keep on hand in the pantry so it is super easy to throw together. Add in warm, filling and low cal and it is a fantastic week night meal.

But eating it, and prepping it will have to wait. For now, there are e-mails. buckets and buckets of e-mails to deal with. Okay maybe not buckets. And most of them aren’t an issue. There is however one project where two of the collaborators have been arguing eight separate details since last week. everyone is trying to sort them out before the conference call tomorrow and at the moment it isn’t looking pretty. Luckily there is curry to look forward to. Wish me luck.


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