The Daily: January 28th, 2021

Have you ever had a day where you felt you were just running? That has been today. It has been wall to wall calls and e-mails. I just got off of a very argumentative conference call (I was not the one on either side of the argument, just a passive listener to the debate as it didn’t affect me.) and when it ended it felt more like the ringing of a bell to end the round rather than the argument – I mean discussion – being over.

To be honest, I watered my mushroom box while they were debating. I don’t know if you have ever tried these but they are quite fabulous. My baby doll picked up several for me for christmas this year because I was complaining about the mushroom selection at our local grocery store.

Apparently they believe in white button and baby bellas and only on the rare occasion shiitakes. Which is so sad. Don’t get me wrong, I like all of those, but the world of mushrooms is so much wider.

The box I am currently using is for Oyster mushrooms (a personal favorite of mine. I cook them up with a little butter and garlic in the saute pan and enjoy.) The company that does these boxes is Back to the Roots Organic gardening kits. I am in no way an affiliate, I just adore their kits. They are super kid friendly as well and have downloadable educational materials (for those of you looking for some at home educational ideas) and they have an excellent give back program and environmentally friendly ethos. I highly recommend checking them out. They may be kid friendly but I love these kits and the delicious mushrooms they produce.

Plus spraying them down with water kept me from saying something cutting to the two sniping conference call participants. Speaking of which I have another call coming up soon and need to get back to it. I will say that I got no real exercise today. It has been alternating between rain and snow all day so I wouldn’t be walking if I weren’t tied to the desk today, but someday’s are just like that. I’d like to say that later tonight I’ll try to add in a work out but the truth is, that after today, I’m probably going to destress by sipping on a glass of port. I like port, but it is also one of those drinks I can only have one of. If I try for two I feel it gets a bit cloying for me and I don’t enjoy the second one. Which all things considered, isn’t bad. And so I am off. I will leave you with the delightful image of my box of mushrooms growing and looking delightful. I have to say, even as an adult, it is really fun to watch them grow.

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