The Daily: February 2nd, 2021

Well my darlings today may have been cold but the sun was quite sunny. And not to be all Dr. Seuss about it, but I had lots of good fun that was funny. Actually I just went on a long walk. My cheeks got chilled and rubbery but the rest of me enjoyed the walk.

And when I arrived home the postman had a box from Teadora in my mailbox. Seriously, just the outer package makes me smile. Look at that box. How pretty is that. And the design carries through to the inside as well so that is nice. And today the bright colors were appreciated.

My babydoll is home sick today. It’s allergies and a sinus infection, which is pretty typical for him at this time of year so it isn’t a gut wrenching emergency but I feel bad about how bad he feels right now. Admittedly, he also turns into a bit of a baby when he is sick. I love him, but it does get a bit exhausting. When I feel bad I just want everyone to go away and leave me alone. When he is under the weather he wants nearly constant attention. Earlier I gave him a bowl of soup and parked him on the couch with a Jason Bourne Marathon. He ate his soup and fell asleep halfway through the first one and is now snoring loudly.

So it was nice to get a pretty and colorful box in the mail. Of course I am also looking forward to trying out the product. It is the Wild Superfood lip drops and trust me at the moment my lips need some help. In the winter they get dry and I tend to pick at them while I work. I keep lip balm scattered throughout the house to help unchap the lips but at least I know with a lip product like this to test I will make a concerted effort to take care of my lips for the next little while.

Plus the lip drops have a whole new list of ingredients for me to look into. I don’t know if it is the gardener in me or what but i love looking up botanical ingredients and finding out what they are supposed to do. And this is chock a block full of botanicals.

Let the research begin!

After I put the kettle on. The snoring has stopped so I’m guessing tea will be wanted soon. So I’ll put the kettle on and then dive into botanicals. Fun! Well, fun for me anyway. I hope you have a fun and productive afternoon as well.

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