The Daily: February 4th, 2021

Oh my darlings I am super excited today. While my babydoll and I have lived in this house about three years now, we haven’t done much in the way of painting and decorating. Prior to moving in we had moved three times and spent several months living in hotels as three separate house sales fell through and the bulk of our things languished in storage.

paint swatches

Eventually we found the house that was right for us but by the time we moved in we were moth so physically and mentally exhausted that we just unpacked and put things in place ‘for now’.

For now lasted a bit longer than we planned and while I love my babydoll dearly, change is not his strong suit. He likes his routines and he likes to put something in place and assume it will still be in the same place twenty years from now.

However, some things have reached the point where they need to be replaced. We finally managed to agree on a bed frame and miracle of all miracles we reached an agreement on paint colors for the bedroom. And yes we are taking this decorating plan slowly and one room at a time.

The bedroom walls which are currently a faded and worn looking pale green will be repainted. Three of the walls will be a light blue and the fourth wall will be a dark blue. The curtains that will be replacing the ones my babydoll found and put up because they blocked the light will be replaced with white curtains with blue and russet accents. The bedspread we both liked is a russet color. The rug to go under the bed has yet to be determined but I have several images to go through with him so we can hopefully make a decision.

The problem is that we have very different tastes. If he could paint every wall white, have only white blinds, no artwork of any kind on the wall and a wool army blanket as his bedspread he would. And I would like anything but that. So it has been interesting. I was actually surprised he was oaky with the dark blue wall to be honest. but of the options that was the winner. So I have begun taping off the woodwork and soon painting will begin.

I am very excited, and because it was raining today, the bending and stretching and climbing needed to tape off everything in the bedroom served as my afternoon exercise. It may not have been a walk, but it did get me moving. And actually my thighs are a little achy from the squatting needed to be done while I taped up the baseboards. so it is sort of my exercise for the day. And we’ll just call painting my weekend arm workout.

I am super excited to finally get one room in the house actually done. and of course once the big stuff is done, the little things can be moved in.

But right now I will be working late today so that the last of the prep work can be done tomorrow and so with that I must leave you if I am to clear off enough of my paperwork to take off a little early tomorrow.

Before I go thought I wanted to let you know about a Valentines’ day sale for Luxie Brushes. They are not only having Huge sale with up to 60% off some of their brush sets, but 10% of all proceeds are being donated to the American Heart Association. So you get good quality brushes for a reduced price and a good cause gets a donation. Several of the brushes I use routinely are Luxie and I really like them. I need to actually sort through them and see if i have enough to do a full brush review on them, but if I don’t I may pick up a set during the sale. Since heart disease took out several of my family members over the years this is one sale I have no problems taking advantage of especially since I have had my eye on the glimmer set since they came out. Something about those pearlescent handles just calls to me. if you are looking for some new makeup brushes, now is definitely the time to check them out.

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