Wet ‘n Wild 5 pan Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette Go Commando Review

A week or two ago I picked up a few new or at least new to me Wet ‘n wild products.  Last week I tested (and loved) the new tinted foundation Wet ‘n Wild (the link will take you to the full review) put out and this week I added both a lipstick and an eyeshadow palette to the week’s makeup bag.

Incidentally, I couldn’t find the Wet ‘n wild tinted moisturizer on their face products page but it is actually listed in their new products page. Apparently, they don’t add their new products into the existing pages until other new products come out.  This palette too is on the new page.

The Go Commando Palette is a 5 pan one from their Color Icon line. I know some of you think that sounds familiar, and it should.  Color Icon is also the term they used for the ten and sixteen pan palettes.  I reviews one of the ten pan ones a while back.  It is still a palette that I consistently reach for time and again.

This is sort of an updated version and when I looked it up on the website I saw they had a new revision of at least one of the ten pan palettes as well. I like the look of the update but my first thoughts when I saw them was that I really hoped the formula hadn’t changed because I really like the Wet ‘n Wild Eyeshadow formula.

While I am not a huge fan of the clear plastic cover on the eyeshadow, it is quite a sturdy plastic and actually feels much more luxe than the previous versions. The plastic is thicker and more reminiscent of the Viseart Palettes than the older Color Icon Palettes.  I would have no trouble slipping this into a travel bag due to its small five pan size and I would have no fear that the plastic would break and cause eyeshadow damage in my makeup bag.

Swatches l to r in pan

The Palette retails for $3.99 and it looks like they have six separate palettes in the line.  The one I am using is the one called Go Commando. I’m not entirely certain why.  I would either expect more nude shades if they were leaning commando that way or more green and brown shades if they were leaning towards a military type version. I’m sure the name made sense to someone, but I’m not quite sure I see it.

So let’s look at the actual shadows

only the russet matte shadow

There are five pans and they are fairly good sized. Two of the shadows are matte and three are shimmer shades.  There are no shade names that I can find. In this palette the two mattes are on the far left and then the three shimmers line up.

We’ll talk about the mattes first.  As I said there are two of them one a cool toned brown and one a russet color. In the look I photographed for this post I put down the russet color firs (2nd to left in the palette).  It went on smoothly with no patchiness at all.  The color is quite pigmented and it blended well. 

russet overlayed with brown

Several days this week I just blended this color out for a one and done look and really enjoyed using it.  It is buttery soft to the touch and while I did have to tap off the brush before applying it, if I did then I had no fallout from the application. The brown matte (first pan on the left) was more or less the same consistency but had a little more fall out after tapping and applying.  It wasn’t major fall out and easily dealt with, but it did have more fall out than the russet shade for some reason. The only reason I can think of is that it is more pigmented than the russet color. While I liked it on it’s own, I thought it was a little too cool toned to pair with the russet.  I would have preferred a slightly warmer brown.  It worked together, but my preference would be to warm that brown up just a hair.

reddish shimmer placed in the center

With the three shimmer shades there was one rosy toned in the middle of the palette one gold toned right next to it and a whitish silver on the far right.  Applying with a brush was pointless but they applied well with the fingertips.  They also blended well with the other shades.  In the look pictured here I used the pink tone in the middle and the whitish tone in the inner corner. Throughout the week I paired the gold as well. 

silver white in corner

The russet and gold looked really good together as well this week.  Again my only issue is that I wanted that one matte brown to be a little more warm toned.  It was okay with the other colors, but even though the formulas all blended well, that cool toned brown kind of stood out from the rest. 

I know it is nit-picky but that really is the only issue I had with this shadow palette.  A vague wish that one of the mattes was more warm toned than it was is all I found fault with.  I think this is a nice simple easy to use palette.  Is it the most exciting palette in the world, no.  But it is a good every day palette that you can create good looks with in a very short amount of time.  It is an easy one to grab when you are pressed for time in the morning. 

Personally my shadow preference leans more towards one over all shadow that I can blend out over the lid with a possibly light shimmer placed towards the inner eye rather than crazy colorful looks. For me palettes like this work fantastically well as I can look at what I am wearing and grab the palette that suits quickly and easily. I am thrilled to see that the formula is still the same one I love from previous Wet ‘n Wild Palettes. I don’t know if the new ten pan palettes are going to have the same color set up or if they will be new layouts, but as my current palette is getting a bit old if they have it in the new packaging, I will be picking it up.

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