Birchbox February 2021 Unboxing

I know some of you are reading this and thinking, wait didn’t you just do a Birchbox unboxing?  I did, and thank you for remembering. The January Birchbox was delayed so I reviewed it quite late.  This month’s Birchbox came in on time.  Typically they are sent very early in the month.  For those that don’t know Birchbox is a $15 per month subscription.  If you purchase a six month subscription the price drops to $14 and if you agree to a full year of Birchbox then the cost drops to $13.  While I had this box a while ago and cancelled, I am currently signed up for the full year and this is my fourth month of the subscription.  In previous months I have to say I am happy with this being a $13 per month subscription.  I think I might be less happy if I was paying the full $15.

Each month on the 27th subscribers can log in and choose from several options.  You can choose one of two curated boxes, you can choose one item in your box and let them choose the others based on your beauty profile, you can choose to exchange your box for the one full sized item they offer or if you don’t like any of the options you can pay your subscription box price and just  put it toward a purchase in their store. While that sounds like a lot, for the first three months, when I logged in to make my selection the full sized item was always sold out as was at least one of the box choices which was somewhat frustrating.

This month there was no offered full sized item and surprisingly both box options were available.  So this month I chose their Clean Beauty Curated box.

I’ll be honest, the reason I chose it was because of the Bare Minerals Bounce and Blur Blush in Mauve Sunrise. I saw it, clicked the button and then thought, “I should probably look at what else was in the box.” I did and I liked the other items so I kept the selection. 


This blush feels like a cream when you touch it but applies like a powder on the face and is fantastic color.  I love Bareminerals blushes and am so happy to have one regardless of the size. They are just a great makeup brand. So I was thrilled.

I was also pleased with the Naturelab Tokyo Perfect Repair leave In treatment. I used up a full size of this during the summer actually and found it was excellent.  It was light weight and never got sticky in the hair no matter how high the heat and humidity rose.  It was an excellent product and I am happy to have a travel sized bottle of it. 

I have gone through an entire large size of the Australian Pink Clay Porerefining face mask before as well and really enjoy the mask.  It is one of those clay masks that is so fabulous in the summer time because it cools as it dries so you feel very refreshed after wearing it – along with all of the skin benefits as well. This is always a mask I am happy to see, but I may hold off on using it for a while as I work through other open products.

While I have tried many Balance Me products, I have not tried the Congested Skin Serum.  Balance me and I have a strange relationship.  I like the products and I enjoy using them, except for the scent.  It is almost always the scent of them that gets me.  The last two products I tried I really liked and they worked excellently well, but I just couldn’t get past the scent to use them on a daily basis.  I haven’t opened this serum yet, but I am sure it will work just as well as every other product in their line.  I just have my fingers crossed that this one has a scent I like.

My final item was the Too Cool For School Egg Mellow Cream.  Now I have seen this cream flit in and out of subscription boxes yet somehow it has never landed in one of mine.  After seeing it around for so long I am happy that I finally managed to get a tube to try out. Hopefully it will perform well and end up on my list of moisturizers to try in the full size.  Here’s hoping.

So that was my February Birchbox.  I have to say that thus far it has been the best one I have received this far.  I don’t know if supply systems have had their issues worked out or if somehow the fates aligned or what, but I really enjoyed this box. I like the items in it and I was not frustrated by my lack of options when I went to make my selection. It is a nice mix with a mask, a serum, a moisturizer one makeup item and a hair care product. While technically that does mean there are three skin care items in the box, they are all from different categories so I don’t mind it. All in all, this, my darlings, was an excellent month.

If you are looking to stock up on skin care, either for you or someone else, then you might want to look into Lovely Skin. They carry hundreds of brands and are currently having a Valentine’s day sale from now through February 15th. I love ordering from them as I have never had issues with their shipping and they have a great selection of products.

20% Off Valentine’s Day Sale + Free $30 Dermalogica Travel-Size Multivitamin Power Firm with $125 Site Purchase


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