Trying out Laura Geller Quench ‘n Tint Hydrating Foundation

This week I used the Laura Geller Quench ‘n Tint hydrating foundation as my foundation product.

According to the website…

Quench your skin with Laura Geller’s intensely hydrating foundation. With a wash of color, this coverage is as weightless and refreshing as a splash of water, leaving skin with a natural glow. If you have combination skin and want medium coverage and a luminous finish – this foundation is for you!

TO USE: Apply a small amount to the face with fingertips, starting from the center of the face and blending outward. Repeat application until desired coverage is achieved.

Light to medium coverage is sort of my favorite section for foundation to play in so I was very happy that this was the quench ‘n tint’s target in terms of coverage.  I just find light to medium coverage easier to wear every day and reserve full coverage for special occasions and places where there will be a lot of photographs.

Plus, at the moment my skin is looking pretty good, so hiding it behind a foundation mask isn’t really my intention.  I was surprised by how thick the foundation came out of the tube. It had me a little worried at first However even though it is thick looking, It didn’t have the consistency of a thick foundation. It felt more like a night cream on the hand.

While I did dot the foundation onto my face as per instructions (sort of) I did use my 999 Master Blender foundation brush from Bdellium tools. I was very happy to get back to it after my Laruce brush test of the past few weeks.

dotted foundation

Even though I used a brush, I can see why it is recommended that you use your hands to blend it in.  It is a very wet feeling formula.  It isn’t liquid-y, but it is wet.  The foundation brush I used has very densely packed bristled and worked well with blending the foundation.  I think if I used a softer, less densely packed foundation brush it would not have done as well and it would have left streaks. My foundation brush did well because it was so densely packed.

It is a wet feeling foundation, however once blended out it feels just like a moisturizer on the skin.  It doesn’t feel like foundation.  You can completely forget that you are wearing it.

But even though you completely forget that you are wearing it, the foundation does stay in place all day.  On average I tend to wear my makeup about ten hours. 

Just foundation all blended in

This week I had one longer day that went for twelve hours, but otherwise it was ten hours with foundation.  I had no problems with the Laura Geller foundation fading away or wearing off throughout the day.  It didn’t leave me with strange bare spots (except around my nose where my reading glasses touch, but even then it was very slight).  I think the reason it lasted so long was that it does sit on the skin more like a moisturizer than a foundation.

Now at the moment my skin is behaving really well.  I have no odd dry spots and no real breakouts.  I have my one scar on my cheek, but overall I am pretty good blemish wise.  Because this is light to medium coverage, I had to go over my scar with my concealer to cover it. This is not the most concealing of foundations.  This is not a foundation I would reach for if I had a lot of red spots and blemishes to cover.  It is however one I would reach for if I was having a good skin day and wanted to wear a foundation I didn’t have to think or worry about. It evens the skin tone well and is weightless to wear.

It is a very worry free formula.

It is also a hydrating one.  If you have oily skin, you might want to try a sample to test it out before committing to a full size.  I found that I had to let my moisturizer sit and absorb for about an hour before I applied my makeup.  If I was in a hurry I could leave off the moisturizer, then go into my primer and then add the foundation and my skin didn’t feel overly dry during the day.  I did need a heavier night time moisturizer when I did that though.  Because it is so hydrating you need to think about your moisturizer game when applying this as well. 

The first day I tried it, I didn’t like it at all because it didn’t play well with my moisturizer. By the third day, I sorted out my application and things were working fine.  Even though it does say illuminating, there was no real glow to the foundation, it simply wasn’t matte.

Right now with my winter skin, I think I can easily wear this foundation.  It I comfortable and not too moisturizing.  I think I might have issues in the summertime.  I may have to do a second summer time test in order to figure it out. Because it is so moisturizing I might have some issues.  But then again my skin rides that balancing line called normal.  It is normal leaning towards dry in the winter and normal leaning towards oily in the summer.  Right now the moisture level of this foundation is perfect for my skin. I’ll test it once the seasons change, but I think this might end up being a seasonal foundation for me. As it is, the Laura Geller Quench ‘n Tint gets two thumbs up for winter use.  It was long lasting, moisturizing and light to medium coverage, in short it was all of the things it claimed to be.

If you are looking for brushes, Bdellium tools is having a big sale going on right now. They have three sections: 30% off, 50% off and 70% off. In the 70% off section they have the vegan line of green Bamboo brushes. You can actually get some of their shadow brushes for $2.70. In the 50% off category you can actually get a 10 piece set with carrying pouch for $32.50. And the 30% off features a selection from their golden triangle line as well as their Studio and Maestro Lines as well as a 12 piece studio eyes set with carrying pouch for $40.60. They have also released a new line of Double Dome blenders which I will admit I have no idea how to use but find utterly fascinating and may have to order just to try out. Every brush I’ve ever ordered from them has been top quality and I really like the thought they put into the shape of their handles.

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