Milking the Friday Face Mask

Today I decided to go for a no muss no fuss face mask with Milk Makeup’s Hydrating Stick Mask. Time is a little limited today as there is a long list of things I need to get done before I can call it a weekend. And so I turn to Milk Makeup and their face mask in a stick.  I have to say once I clear out a few of my open face masks I am going to be stocking up on these, in all different varieties. They are good masks and so convenient to have around.

Easy on

The mask I have is the hydrating version with cannabis sativa.  It is said to soothe and hydrate, which is exactly what it does.  My skin always feels so smooth and refreshed after I use it.  The trick to keeping these mask looking and working properly is in the little plastic cap that comes inside. 

It looks like something you should throw away when you open it, but don’t.  Keep the cap and when you are finished using it, roll the mask back down into the tube and put the cap back on.  It may not fit exactly as it did at first, but it will keep the product from drying out.  Once it dries out it cracks and becomes unusable.  So keep the cap. 

I’m ready for my Elphaba audition…now if only I could actually sing…

The reason I chose this mask today wasn’t because I felt like imitating Elphaba, but because it is just a jam-packed day and this is a quick, clean (and good) mask. You roll the stick mask over your face until your face is covered, let it sit for ten minutes and then take a damp wash cloth and wipe it off.  Seriously, easy on, easy off.

I’d like to say that in the ten minutes I wore the mask I relaxed with music and candles.  Sadly today I did not.  I wore the mask at my desk as I read through some notes I need to sort through for a complicated e-mail I need to write.  I managed to get a little bit of green mask on my reading glasses, but luckily they are super lightweight so it didn’t press too hard and of course the mask washed right off.

Today this Milk Makeup Mask was a great one to use.  It goes on with no mess, doesn’t drip or run or, as in the case of some sheet masks, slip and slide. I can wear it at my desk with absolutely no issues. I know that is a strange thing to say about a mask, but it actually comes in really handy when working from home. Just remember not to turn the video camera on for the ten minutes you are wearing it and you are golden. Then pop to the bathroom for a moment when your ten minutes are through.  It is a thin clay mask that comes off with a simple wet washcloth.  Easy peasy.  I definitely need to look at keeping more of these masks in my collection for future use. But now, skin feeling nourished, I need to take my notes and write up a proposal. (that’s what the notes were about).  Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Milking the Friday Face Mask

    1. The lip tint is on my list to try out I just haven’t gotten around to it yet, glad to hear it is worth checking out. I am really liking their lip scrub at the moment. I am on the verge of actually emptying the tube.

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