Color Wow Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner Post #2

I just wanted to check back in with you about the Color Wow Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner that I am using. It was gifted to me by Color Wow to try out and review. However, all my reviews are my personal opinion regardless of where the product came from.

I tried it just before I dyed my hair and it revived my old box color wonderfully. This link will take you to the first posting (Post 1) and initial trial. However, I then used a kit ordered from eSalon to dye my hair (love the custom color and outcome by the way and the link will take you to the full post where I go through the entire custom process from ordering to application it is a well thought out system and light years beyond the box dye – yet really easy to use), so how did the Color Security work with my newly dyed hair? And has it held up with repeated uses?


Well, I am about halfway through the shampoo and conditioner so I thought it was time for an evaluation. For those that don’t know, The Color Wow Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner is…

  • 100% clean, this unique, residue-free shampoo leaves nothing behind to dull hair or to block follicles which can cause thinning or hair loss
  • Keratin-safe, extension-safe, perfect for all hair types
  • Prevents color fade
  • No sulfates, no silicones, no conditioning agents, no parabens, cruelty-free, gluten-free

Now I know I’ve mentioned this before but while I adore the cruelty free ethos, the two big items on that list that catch my eye are the no sulfates and no parabens. Both are bad for hair and skin and in many reports they are cited as leading to thinning hair and hair loss, clogged pores, skin irritations and (the big bug-a-boo) can make you more susceptible to certain types of cancers. I know you see ‘may lead to cancers’ and think it isn’t a done deal so it’s okay, but scientists are cautious folks (and they should be). They don’t often make absolute statements.

My take is that there are a lot of things out there that may cause or make you more susceptible to cancers and the more of those you avoid, the better off you will be. After all lots of maybes tend to combine to lead you onto a path more clearly marked definite, and why tempt fate? As I’ve seen no actual reason for either sulfates or parabens to be in my shampoo and conditioner, I very much prefer them to be without.

The two positives that I was looking for in this Color Security shampoo and conditioner set are color security and its residue clearing properties. I tend to wash my hair every other day and to keep my hair looking good I tend to use dry shampoo between washes. While my favorite dry shampoo (Klorane Nettle Infused Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair) is really good about not leaving a lot of residue on my scalp (one of the reasons it is my favorite) but i do try a lot of other products that have left more residue on my scalp. I also used a variety of masks and other styling products, all of which end up leaving something behind. Having a shampoo that helps clear some of that away is a really good thing.

When I initially tried the Color Security Shampoo and conditioner from Color Wow, I was really impressed by the way it cleared out my scalp. Generally when I have a lot of build up, my scalp gets itchy (and I reach for a scalp scrub.) After my first wash i felt a lot of that coming off. It took a couple of washes (because i skipped several planned scalp scrubs in anticipation of testing this shampoo so I could have build up) but it washed off everything without needing an additional scalp scrub. In fact I haven’t needed a scalp scrub since I have been using this shampoo, which lets me use hair masks that concentrate on other hair needs. Every layer of build up I put on, this shampoo takes off without leaving my hair feeling stripped.

After washing i allowed it to air dry with no additional products. The hair is glossy, soft and the color is still rich and fabulous with no fading

In fact, my hair feels really good. I still use a detangling spray (the One Hit Wonder from Mane Club) but I have to use less of it when using this shampoo, and to be honest, i use it mostly because it is also a heat protecting spray as well as a detangler (and eight other things). I could get by without needing a detangling spray. My hair feels nourished and soft.

I will say that using a good dye product did help keep some of the damage down. eSalon has a quality dye product that doesn’t make the hair brittle or feel overly processed, and that helped. But I am a little over a month into my hair dye and there i no fading of the color and my hair still looks glossy and nice. I haven’t gotten the dulled down look that i am used to from box dyes and regular shampoo. while I am willing to concede that some of that may be the better quality dye, I really think that the shampoo and conditioner help. I think that because they clean without stripping, the product doesn’t strip off the dye and thus aid in the dulling down.

When I looked in the mirror i could just see the start of my roots showing. (I have a root touch up product i am going to try so I am going to let them get a little longer deliberately before re dying them actually, but that’s another story). It was strange to me because usually i notice my hair looks a little dull and then I look for my roots growing out. This time I looked at the roots and saw them showing (a little) first. while not an entirely scientific test, it is a good personal one for me. It lets me know that my color is lasting longer and staying fresher.For me that is a big bonus. It may be a combination of the dye and the shampoo and conditioner set, but i’m okay with that.

I will be continuing to use the eSalon dye for a long time to come and while I will make a final decision on the shampoo once I have finished the tubes completely and send them to the empties bin, at the moment I am at the halfway point in product usage and I am leaning heavily towards repurchasing. I’ll see how I feel when the product is completely used up, but unless there is an unexpected plot twist in my future, I suspect this Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner duo to return to my shower several times in the future.

If you are interested in giving the Color Security Shampoo a go, now might be the time to jump on it. In honor of Heart Health Awareness Month 10% of Shampoo Sales will be donated to HAIRraising Benefitting Boston’s Children’s Hospital. (donation runs 2/9 -2/28). It is a very good cause and you can find out more information about the donations on the Color Wow Site.

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