Playing around with the Eyeko Galactic Lid Gloss

Eyeko Galactic Lid Gloss in Zodiac

This Monday I posted a review of the Look Fantastic box for February and inside this box was the Eyeko Galactic Lid Gloss.  Even though the post went up on Monday the box arrived Friday afternoon as I was picking out the products for the upcoming week’s makeup bag.   I just couldn’t resist adding it. In fact, I even changed the eyeshadow palette I was going to use so that it would go better with the Galactic lid gloss.   I went with the all matte Meet Matt (e) Trimony palette from The Balm.  It is an all matte palette that I felt would provide a variety of backdrops for the glittering Zodiac Lid Gloss.

Plus I’ve used it many times before and know how the formula works (and love it) so it seemed like a good idea.

But what is a Lid Gloss?

Paint your lids in our Galactic Lid Gloss; a cream chrome glitter eyeshadow for a mesmer-eyes-ing look!

Add shimmering dimension to your lids with just one stroke. This iridescent eyeshadow will transform your peepers from day to night.

With a super soft flat applicator Galactic Lid Gloss will glide effortlessly on to your eyelids for a lightweight shimmer. Apply one coat for subtle shine, or build up for a more dramatic finish.

Discover the shades:
– a warm rosy copper shade, perfect for day or night
Luna – a warm yellow gold, flecked throughout with silver pigments
Stardust – a shimmering silver, ideal for adding a little highlight to the eyes
Retrograde – a sultry muted purple hue, perfect for smokey eye
Solstice – a true gold, eye-mazing all over the lid or to highlight key areas

Eyeko Website

So essentially it is a liquid eyeshadow.  The shade I received in my Look Fantastic box is Zodiac.  It is, as the description says, a warm rosy copper shade.  Now I received a sample size (which actually contains quite a lot of product as so little is really needed to create an effect, However it does not come with a wand like the full sized versions do. 

To be honest, I was okay with the simple squeeze tube.  I think I might have made a bit more of a mess if I used an actual wand to apply it.

As it is, I dispensed a little product onto my hand and then used a brush to apply it.  I used it several different ways throughout the week, but in these illustrative photos I used the Zodiac lid gloss on the inner half of my eye over the dark brown powder of Matt Reed (the palette interior is pictured below).

This week I used the Lid Gloss on its own and over powder eyeshadow products.  I used it with an eyelid primer and without as well to figure out its staying power.

Here is what happened.

On its own over the primer, the shadow applied well and stayed put.  On its own without a shadow primer it applied well and stayed put. 

the larger flat brush works well with applying it in wide bands but this really does call for a set of smaller brushes if you want to play around with it more.It also made me want to purchase smaller/ finer brushes

Essentially once this lid gloss dries down it stays where you put it with no fall out.  The primer (I used Pretty Vulgar Uncaged Lid Primer) gave a smoother more even surface on which to apply the lid gloss, and you need to take a second to let the primer settle, but you did not actually need a lid primer for this.  Once I realized it was staying on its own without issue, I switched to just using concealer on my eyelids so that I had a solid even coat underneath the shadows. (My concealer this week was the Pretty Vulgar Undercover Lightweight Concealer,actually and it is one of my favorite concealers, especially on my eyelids since the light weight formula covers but doesn’t feel heavy on the lids. Plus it is a good all round concealer so it is one product with multiple uses).

When you apply the lid gloss, you do have to remember that it is a liquid shadow.  Once you apply it, you have to let it dry.  It does dry down relatively quickly.  I have hooded eyes and I found if I blinked while it was still wet, I ended up with a line where my lid folds that had no product.  If I applied it, fanned my eye for a moment while it dried (keeping my eye closed), then I was good with no bare lines.  I didn’t have any issues with the lid gloss migrating or falling off of my eyelids, no matter how I applied it. It just doesn’t fall out like a glitter shadow. It literally applies like paint.

The palette from the Balm that I used

Personally, I don’t do a lot of decorative work with my eyeshadows.  I tend to go in for simple everyday looks that I can bump up when leaving the office and heading to happy hour.  This made me wish I had a wider brush selection so that I could treat it like paint and actually try some fanciful lines and swirls for more decorative looks.  If I had a thinner brush in my collection I would have used this like an eyeliner and gone a little bit crazy with it because it was quite frankly fun to play with.

built up to a more metallic look over dark brown powder

It also helps that I adore this rosy hued copper.

When you use just a little, it can easily be sheered out for just a little hint of shimmer. What I found with this product was that I could dab it on in a dot with my brush and just sheer it out using my finger tip to blend it out.  I think that with the full sized applicator I would do the same.  Or I would still use the doe foot applicator to put it on my hand and then again use a brush to put it where I wanted on my eyes.  I think I would have more control over the application that way.  I think that could lend itself to a more painterly approach and would let you choose the right sized brush for the design you want to create.  I used to actually do some oil painting and I really found my mind shifting from makeup to art with this product. While that may just be me, with that mental switch I really wanted the finer brushes to do the detail work. Alas I did not have them.

While it does dry down fairly quickly, there is enough time that you can actually get it into place before it dries.  I think you would be capable of doing quite elaborate designs using the lid gloss.  I think you could easily stage it so that sections dried a little at a time, letting you place your lines accurately and use multiple colors if you wanted. I did try with the edge of one of my brushes but my lines weren’t sharp enough to look good, which was down to the brushes I typically use.  Since I don’t do a lot of design work, most of my brushes are designed for blending and therefore fluffier with less defined/sharp edges.

Like I said though, I enjoyed using this Eyeko Galactic Lid gloss so much, I may have to pick up a more delicate set of eyeshadow brushes as well as several more colors to play around with.  While I liked the color in the tube and dispensed on the hand, I didn’t realize how much fun it would be to play around with and I look forward to playing some more. It is nice every now and then to be reminded that makeup is fun.These days i so often put my makeup specifically to look professional that I forget how much fun it is to play around with.  Some days we all need to take things a little less seriously. I really like that this product helped me remember that.

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