Happy Hour: The Hot Toddy

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to the Friday Happy Hour. Normally there is a food and a drink listed, but to be honest, my babydoll is having massive sinus issues and wasn’t really feeling up to it this week. So instead of a delicate little nibble and a drink from one of the many cocktail books we’ve collected over the years, we are going with an early dinner and ending the night with our version of the Hot Toddy.

It is a pretty basic drink as far as things go, but on on cold night where you feel more like a miserable deck hand than the captain of your own destiny, it is just the thing. The basic recipe is simple and required only four items:

Granulated (caster) sugar

Lemon juice (fresh squeezed is best, but bottled will do in a pinch)

Boiling water

Jameson’s Irish whiskey

The Hot Toddy, a Winter Favorite

Set the kettle on to boil. while you wait mix the sugar and lemon juice in the bottom of the mug. while it can be adjusted to taste I tend to use twice the amount of lemon as I do sugar. (my babydoll does the reverse because he has a much bigger sweet tooth than I do.) So it you have one Tablespoon sugar, use two tablespoons of lemon juice. If you like things sweeter, you can adjust it to suit your palette but this works for me. When the water boils, pour it immediately over the lemon and sugar mix and stir to make sure the sugar is completely dissolved. Leave about one inch of space at the top (more if you want it stronger.) Once the sugar is dissolved top off the mug with the whiskey.

Growing up this was my grandfather’s cold remedy as well as something to drink on a cold winter’s night so I find it very comforting. I like that the lemon and the sugar give you a bit of sweet tart flavor and help to mellow the whiskey so that it isn’t quite as sharp of an alcohol taste. For me the Jamison’s works the best. Or at least produces the flavors I really enjoy with this drink. To be honest it is also what we usually have on hand. While we do experiment with whiskeys Jamesons is sort of our house standard (Just like Plymouth is for Gin), so no matter what we are trying out, there is usually a bottle in the cabinet.

And there you have it, a warm comforting drink on a cold blustery night. As we’ve got an ice storm blowing in tonight as well as sinus issues within the house, this is the perfect drink to snuggle in with. I hope whatever you are doing and who ever you are doing it with, you have an excellent Friday night.

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