Discovering Kierin NYC Perfumes

The Kierin NYC Discovery Set

Anyone who has read my posts for any length of time knows that I am very scent oriented.  There are products I have tried that weren’t all that effective, but smelled great and I lamented about passing them by.  There have been products that worked fantastically well, but I couldn’t stand the scent of, and those too I lamented passing up, knowing I wouldn’t end up using them if I purchased them.

But nowhere is my sense of smell better utilized than in testing and trying out perfumes.  I love testing and trying them out and finding new ones to love.  It is also paired with my love of glassware, making collecting perfumes almost an inevitability.

Kierin NYC is a perfume company and they just gifted me something that is absolutely fantastic.  It is their Discovery Set. What is a discovery set? Well…

Our Discovery Set is an inspirational gift for yourself or someone else and the perfect way to try all of our Premium Eau de Parfums. Set Includes four 2ml / 0.07 oz trial size mini-sprays plus an $20 credit towards your next online order of a full-sized fragrance (50ml/1.7oz). An almost risk-free way to sample our collection. You just can’t lose! Set includes:

NITRO NOIR – An Intoxicating and Hypnotic Vibe. Premium Olfactive Harmony is Chypre Gourmand – Spicy. Key Ingredients are Italian Bergamot, Pink Berries, Orris, and Patchouli. 

SANTAL SKY – An Intimate and Serene Vibe. Premium Olfactive Harmony is Woody – Spicy. Key Ingredients are Saffron, Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Cardamon seeds. 

10 am FLIRT – A Magnetic and Flirty Vibe. Premium Olfactive Harmony is Fresh – Floral – Green. Key Ingredients are Gardenia, Fig, Cashmere Wood, and Sandalwood. 

SUNDAY BRUNCH – A Cheerful and Luminous Vibe. Premium Olfactive Harmony is Citrus – Floral. Key Ingredients are Italian Bergamot, Lemon, Earl Grey Tea, and Jasmine.


Kierin NYC

Shop Our KIERIN Discovery Kit & Get a $20 Credit Towards Your Next Online Full-Sized Fragrance Purchase

The Discovery Kit retails for $20.  So essentially when you order it you pay $20 and if you like one of the scents and decide to order it then you can put the $20 towards it. Which quite frankly is something I find absolutely fantastic.

The 1 ML sample size that comes with the order

The fact that it contains four separate perfumes for me to try is also something super fantastic. And don’t those descriptions sound amazing?  I’ll admit, the Santal Sky is the one drawing me in the most, so I set it as the fourth one I will try. I started the 10 a.m. Flirt last week when the set came in and will be posting my review of it on Wednesday actually. 

For those that have never heard of the brand (and they are a relatively new one. KIERIN NYC is artistic, genderless and individualistic. Diversity and inclusion are core to the brand and not just presented as an afterthought. KIERIN NYC is a brand for young people of all ages, colors and nationalities.  In addition their scents are Vegan and Cruelty Free.  In addition they are what is called a conscious brand which essentially means that all of their fragrances meet the IFRA ingredient standards and the California Prop 65 Standards for ingredients. They do not use phthalates or parabens and use only the highest quality essential oils, naturals, and synthetics. 

And then there is the bottle. According to the brand…

The full sized bottle. There is a spray under the cap

Our bottles are made from recyclable glass and coated with a layer of white opaque natural paint. It protects the actual fragrance of sunlight, which means we don’t use perfume colorings and UV filters which could provoke potential allergies reactions.

Kierin NYC

So no nasty parabens and phthalates AND recycled glass bottles. How could I not want to try out their perfumes?  Incidentally, pictured here is one of their fabulous recycled glass bottles which I just think looks delightful.  I don’t know why, but I really adore the way they have printed the design across the corner of the bottle instead of on the flat face of it.  It is just such a special little touch that just makes the design sing.

So all that is left is to try out the perfumes.  I will be working my way through the Discovery Kit and then trying out the full sized bottle.  I’ve already started the trial of 10 a.m. Flirt and I can’t wait to share my thoughts.  I will post the review on Wednesday. So stay tuned. 

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