Discovering the 10 a.m. Flirt

The Discovery Kit from Kierin NYC

Recently Kierin NYC very kindly gifted me a Perfume Discovery Kit to try out and review. And by now I think everyone knows I absolutely love reviewing perfumes. The Discovery Kit contained four 2 ml perfumes to try, which is enough product to wear each for a couple of weeks to see how it suits.

Personally,  I find this a great way to discover new perfumes.  There are so many perfumes that I have sniffed in stores and thought I liked until I got them home and started wearing them.  Conversely there have also been a few perfumes that I didn’t think I would like, but fell head over heels for once I put them on and wore them around for a bit. There ae also perfumes I’ve smelled other people wearing that I loved on them, but did not suit me at all when I wore them.

As perfumes can get a bit pricey, and scent is so different from person to person, it only makes sense to try them before you buy them.  Kierin NYC’s Discovery Kit actually makes that a lot less risky, not only scent wise, but monetarily as well.  The Discovery Kit costs $20, however in addition to the four perfumes to try, you get a $20 credit towards the purchase of a full perfume. 

That’s right my darlings, the $20 for the Discovery Kit just rolls right into the price of the perfume (they send you a card with a code to use when you make your first purchase). Their perfumes come in two sizes.  The 10 mL size of 10 a.m. Flirt which is sold for $30 and their full sized bottle (50 ml) retails for $84. 

the 10 mL size

The full sized bottles come in recycled glass bottles that are painted white (with a beautiful design on the outside).  I love that they are opaque glass as light is not a good thing for perfumes and the glass is both beautiful and protective. Both sizes are pictured in this post in the scent Rose Ink, which is their newest scent so you can get an idea of the sizing. 

It is however not the scent I will be reviewing today. For now I am going through the discovery kit, giving each perfume a week of wear to see how I feel about it.  The first perfume I chose to try was the 10 a.m. Flirt.

The full 50 mL size bottle

And you know I love perfume descriptions so here is the one offered for 10 a.m. Flirt on the Kierin NYC Website.

Are You In A Fresh, Magnetic and Flirty Mood?

10 a.m. Flirt is a complex yet clean, unique scent that reserves its most lasting and memorable notes for those you allow to get close.  


Clean & Conscious: This product is cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, recyclable and free of toxins, parabens, phthalates, unnecessary dyes and stabilizers. Made with natural sugar cane alcohol. Fragrance made in the USA. 

Vibe:  Flirty – Magnetic

Olfactive Harmony:  Floral – Woody – Green

Key Ingredients:  Gardenia – Fig – Cashmere Wood – Sandalwood

Perfumer: Mathieu Nardin, known for combining artisanal techniques with modern materials and new innovations. 

This premium niche eau de parfum is an “artfully crafted scent collage with signature vibes.” 

I have to say, that is a little bit different than the usual florid prose given to perfumes.  It is very to the point and I have to say the points are good ones. The clean and conscious ethos is one I can really get behind. You all know how I feel about parabens at this point I’m sure.

When spritzed on the wrist, this perfume does come on a bit strong.  Then as though it has realized its mistake it fades back very quickly to a more personal scent.  And there it stays.  The scent on my wrist stayed more or less the same throughout the day.  At the end of an eight hour work day, the scent was only slightly faded, but still definitely present. 

As the description says, this is a scent for those you allow close. As I think of scent as a very personal thing, I rather enjoy that aspect. I generally like to keep my scents close rather than sending them ahead of me to announce my presence.

I would also have to say that Floral, Woody and Green are also really accurate descriptions. I would say that I noticed the green first.  And yes I know sometimes my scents and tastes come out as colors, but in this case the fig is the cause, not my sometimes strange internal wiring. It is the green of growing figs. There is a slight sweetness to the scent that follows and at first I was inclined to lean into that sort of sweetness you get from a very ripe fig.  I believe that may be the gardenia though. 

Gardenia is one of those elements that I am always hesitant with as it can easily overpower everything.  It isn’t overpowering here, it is very balanced with the green of the fig and the woody spicy sort of notes that come from Cashmere Wood and Sandalwood.  If I were listing the scents as they hit me, I would say green fig, spicy sandalwood, and then cashmere wood with a touch of gardenia to sweeten up the mix.

This scent is more spicy than sweet.  However, it is sweet enough to bring it into a day time perfume rather than a night time one. 

When I first spritzed it on my wrist, the spices made me think evening, but then that gardenia kicks in to mellow the spices and it becomes a day appropriate scent.  I know technically, you can wear any perfume you want any time of the day, but to me there are some scents that just make me feel it should be worn at night and there are some scents that make me want to wear them in the day time.  It’s not as though you will cause shock and horror if you wear an evening perfume in the day. I use appropriate in a personal sense. 

I am a very scent oriented person and scents do change my moods. Some perfumes I simply can’t wear during the day because they take my mind too far out of work mode for them to be practical for me in the daytime. I just won’t get anything done as my thoughts will be far, far away.

Sandalwood tends to lead me towards the evening as it tends to be a somewhat sensual scent, however all of the other elements work with it to make it something I would wear in the day and still manage to get my work done without mentally straying from the day’s path. With that hint of spice though, it is definitely a little flirty.

I’m really pleased with that actually.  So many times the word flirty is associated with sweet almost little girl perfume scents.  This is not a perfume you would have worn in middle school.  It is an adult perfume, but it isn’t stodgy and matronly either.  It is grown up without being old. Which is a really hard line to find.  The 10 a.m. Flirt finds that line and walks it with precision and grace.

While I would term this a day time perfume, because of the Sandalwood, I believe it would work well as a transitional scent. This is one I would put on in the morning and then keep a in a small atomizer in my purse so that I could touch up before meeting friends out for happy hour.    It is not one I would reach for when going out at night. It is day to evening transitional.  I would go for something else when going out for the night.  For me, this 10 a.m Flirt is appropriately named and is at its best when worn during the day.

As the first scent pulled from my Discovery Kit, I have to say I am excited to see what other delights the kit holds.  This was an excellent entrée into Kierin Perfumes and I have to say, I can’t wait to try the next one. Tomorrow, I begin the trial of the Nitro Noir. And after a week of trial, I’ll be back to let you know how that worked out for me. For now, I am going to enjoy the last day trying out the 10 a.m. Flirt.

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