The Daily: February 24th, 2021

Oh my darlings, it is confession time. Yesterday I was doing fairly well keeping on track. I had my exercises done and my walking in. I had a nice salad for lunch and I was doing good.

And then my baby doll came home with pizza and wings.

They are my kryptonite.

He apparently had a bad day and wanted comfort food.

It was delicious. So bad for me, but so delicious.

There are a lot of foods that once I stopped eating them regularly my taste buds adjusted and I realized the crap food was actually not as good a I thought. Those then become easy to avoid because they don’t taste as good.

Pizza and wings are not in that category. At least not for me. They are now a rare treat that just tastes more delicious since I don’t have them that often.

The same does not hold true for the following day. My belly has what I should best describe as a food hangover. My taste buds and brain may still be relishing the memory but my belly feels the effects. It is not happy with me. I felt like a bloated wale on the beach this morning. And I did skip my morning exercises. I did get my walk in because it is gloriously sunny right now, but I kind of felt sweaty and gross. And not in the normal workout kind of sweaty. More of the my body is trying to purce last night’s grease kind of way. Not pleasant. It is a good reminder to take things in moderation though. And apparently I still need that reminder pounded into my brain.

So there is my confession. Tomorrow I will be back to normal and not a roly poly grease filled mess. Today, I will suffer for my culinary sins.

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