The Daily: March 3rd, 2021

I’ll admit, I may have been a bit of a slug today. I got up a little late and sort of dragged through my morning. I sort did my morning work out, but I put so little effort into I that I don’t really think it actually counts. Most of my efforts have gone into writing and clearing the desk for writing today. I am reaching the end of a manuscript and am fine tuning my edits. So I’m trying to get everything else squared away so I can focus and make certain every last comma is exactly where I want it to me.

Generally when I reach this stage, I tend to let everything else slide until the final draft is complete. Tonight’s dinner is going to be baked potatoes, mostly because it takes so little time to just put them in the oven. And then they can be doctored to individual tastes. As Potatoes are always welcome around here, it isn’t a hardship and I personally appreciate at least one dinner during the week that I just don’t have to think about. For me baked potatoes are an easy out.

I will admit I was tempted away from my editing by the Wine of the Month Club’s sale listing for longer than I planned.

Winter Sale! Get $30 off The International Wine of the Month Club. Rare, hard to find wines. Use code SAVE30 on a prepaid 12 shipment order

So I did spend a little time perusing their selections. Spending so much time in the house this past year depleted out reserve of ordered wines, which was quite a feat. We had quite a bit stashed for family holiday events as well as our weekly happy hour, but prior to last year we had only about one Happy Hour at home a month and the rest were out at various restaurants. Now they are almost exclusively at home. Hence the depletion of the reserve.

At the moment there is no reserve wine in the cabinet. Which sort of explains last week’s unplanned selection. Although I do personally like the ‘Hey I’ve never tried this one before’ approach to local wine purchasing.

If nothing else it is quite an experience. There have been some unexpectedly good finds, plenty of mediocre ones, a few that were better off used as salad dressing components, and the occasional surprising stunner. Our local liquor store is known for their array of hard liquors and the extremely wide variety of beers – they are not known for their wines. So it is always surprising to find the items they stock. I have no idea how they stock because their wine selection is really all over the place. Truthfully even with the occasional off bottle, shopping for wines there is like a bizarre treasure hunt. The hunt is as amusing as the wine, often more so.

Although finding reputable wines in general is a good idea. House guests don’t always appreciate my personal adventure quests which is why they are often kept for Happy Hour. So looking for good wines I spent some time on the Wine of the Moth Club’s site. Several selections looked really nice and like ones I’d enjoy trying. And yes I am calling it work related searching as I might end up reviewing them for my Happy Hour post, but mostly it was making a list for personal wine cabinet purposes.

Just don’t tell anyone.

And I’ll keep mum about how long you spent scrolling through Instagram this afternoon.



But now it is back to editing for me. I put the Wine of the Month Club info above in case you are interested in stocking your own cellar. I’m actually thinking of adding one of the monthly subscriptions to my list, but i haven’t figured out which one I want to go with yet. And of course as soon as I pull up the site, my baby doll points out they also have a Chocolate of the Month Club. While he likes wine, he ADORES chocolate. I suspect if I get one subscription, I’ll end up needing to get both. That is the way things go around here. Admittedly, he is still drooling over The Candy Club (incidentally they have a 50% off your first box deal going at the moment as well which you might want to check out) so I might be able to get one month of the Wine Club in before he notices there is no chocolate. I have no illusions about that lasting though. Birthdays and anniversaries my baby may sometimes forget, but he never forgets the possibility of chocolate.

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