The Make Up Bag: March 5th, 2021

Welcome once again to the Weekly makeup bag post.  I have a surprise for you this week.  I have decided that this may be my last makeup bag post for a while.  I had several revelations this week and it has led to a few changes and proposed changed.  For a while things may be a bit unsettled as I shake them out and play around with them.

Now don’t worry, I will still be discussing makeup, however I am going to try to add my list of products and a picture of what I did with them to my Daily posts. While I started the Makeup bag as a way to not get overwhelmed by the number of products and so that I could rotate them well, lately I have been finding it is a little too regimented for me. 

Take my foundation this week.  This week I used the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Cream foundation.  I am glad I did, however it is more of a full coverage foundation than I usually use.  It prompted me to do a more elaborate eye look  with the Huda Beauty Palette than I have done with eyeshadow in a while. Which I really liked. 

However mid way through the week I found myself wanting a lighter look, both with the shadow and with the foundation.  I found I could still get the lighter look with the Huda Beauty Palette, but I needed to switch out my foundation.  I ended up pulling the NYX Bare With Me foundation in to help out. I really enjoy both foundations, but I want to be able to decide what look I feel like wearing that day rather than just limiting myself to what was in the bag.  I’m sure there will be weeks where I use the same product repeatedly, but I want that to be a choice, not a requirement.

Bare faced left, One of my full face looks for this week.This used the Neutrogena foundation

The second reason is that I have several sample sizes that I want to use up before I purchase the full size of the product.  To do so I will need to use them more often.  In addition sometimes when new things come in I want to try them right away rather than waiting a week.  So I am going to try adding the makeup to the Daily post and we will see how that works out.  I’ll still break out new products as they arrive into full posts, since I love doing my reviews but This post will be altered starting next week.

A softer look, only swapping out the foundation and lip. This used the NYX foundation and the Fenty Lip Gloss

This week however I had a bag full of products that were either new to me or ones I don’t reach for very often.  The first new product was the primer.  I used the Illamasqua Beyond the Veil PrimerThis link will take you to my full review, but I have to say, I liked it, but I think I prefer the regular Hydra Veil Primer from Illamasqua.  Both are nice, I just have more fun with the clear jelly.

The foundation I mentioned was the Neutrogena Cream foundation.  It is nice and more full coverage than I expected.  It felt a little greasy going on but once blended in the greasiness faded.  It is a little light for my skin tone, but it did lead me to a less natural look than usual. Which was a nice change of pace.  I did swap it out several days for the NYX Bare with Me mostly because I really do like a lighter look during the day when I am working. As always I adored the NYX foundation formula. It feels like you are wearing nothing at all and does a great job covering what I wanted covered.

For my bronzer I dipped back into the Ace Beaute Bronzer palette.  I’ll admit I pulled this one out because I was doing a declutter of my bronzer/ face palettes this week and I honestly couldn’t remember if I liked it enough to keep or not.  So I tried it.  And I did like it better than I thought I did. It actually worked really well for me and it is one that I will be keeping and using more often.

My blush came in the Glam Bag X from IPSY and it was the Patrick Ta Monochromatic moment blush.  This is my first Patrick Ta blush and I think I will have to write out a full post on it.  I thought it was going to be too light for me and it was more pinky in tone than I usually prefer, but it worked well and I very much enjoyed using  it this week.  It is a huge blush so I think it is going to last me a really long time.

For highlighter I pulled the Huda Beauty Highlighting palette in Pink Sands out of the drawer.  I’ll be honest, I forgot about it.  It was buried in my eyeshadow drawer and I found it when I was decluttering and organizing.

I really enjoyed using it this week as it is a really good set of highlighters.  I can tell that if used on a regular basis, I will drift to the deep gold toned product more than anything else.  The silvery one and the brighter gold were just too bright for me and the pink faded into my skin tone with very little to show for it.  The gold, was amazing. I could very much see purchasing that as an individual highlighter.

My concealer was the Maybelline Age rewind concealer I love this formula. It is hands down the best drugstore formula I have tried.  It doesn’t crease and accentuate my fine lines and it is a fantastic lid primer.  I have had it long enough though that I think I may need to keep using it up so that I can use it before it expires.  Once it does I will be buying a new one. I just want to use as much of this product up as a I can before I have to repurchase it.

My eyeliner was the Ciate London Stamp and Drag eyeliner.  The formula of the liner is good and it is the same formula in their other eyeliners, which I like. The main reason I put it in the bag this week was that I wanted to play around with the stamp.  Some days were better than others but like anything else, with practice I got better at using it.  Once I did, I found I really liked it.

My setting powder was a sample size from Lottie London.  This was my first Lottie London product and I have to say, I am not a fan. The powder was well powdery on the skin and left a white cast.  I actually felt bad about saying other powders left a white cast after using this. 

small holes that became clogged very quickly

In addition, there are only three really small holes to get the powder out of so it took FOREVER to get enough product through them.  I am sure there are more holes in them for the full size, at least I really hope so, but the powder drove me bonkers and about midweek I swapped it for the Ciate London Extraordinary Setting powder.  I enjoyed it much more.

For my pressed powder, I have to admit, I opened a new compact of No7 Perfect Light Pressed powder.  I know I said I was going to wait, but I couldn’t.  It was just right there calling to me and I succumbed.  So I opened it and remembered how much I actually love that pressed powder.  It never looks powdery and absorbs oil with a quick mid-day pat. I was very happy to see it again.

As I mentioned before my Eyeshadow Palette this week was the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Remastered palette.  It also came in the Glam Bag X and quite frankly makes me very excited to see what comes in May’s box. This link will take you to the full post but the quick summation is that I absolutely loved it.


I will be reaching for it quite often. The formulas were pigmented, soft, blendable and they stayed in place all day.  Plus look at those colors. They just say Mimsy all over them

For this new and mostly new bag, I opened the Pat McGrath Fetisheyes Mascara.  I know it was an excuse, but I took it.  It is a really good mascara. It didn’t flake and it thickened and lengthened beautifully.  It is a mascara that I will enjoy using to the very last drop.  Provided I can get to the very last drop within six months.  I am going to try though. While it is good and I will enjoy using it, it isn’t such a fantastic formula that I will feel compelled to repurchase it though. It is good enough to use and if it happened to be on an IPSY ad on I would add it on. I’m just not sure I’d pay $30 for it. There are so many really good mascaras out there that do exactly what this does, some with even better performances that I’m just not sure that price is justified. I am very happy I actually got to try a Pat McGrath product but when this is used up, I won’t be buying it again.

My brows were also a new product this week and that was the Marcelle Nano Eyebrow Pencil.  It came in a Birchbox a while back and I decided now was the time to try it.  Marcelle is a brand that is hit or miss for me.  Sometimes it is fabulous, and sometimes it fizzles. This, I have to say was a hit.  The formula was good.  It wasn’t too dry or chalky and the color worked well with my brows.  I am going to have to sit down and do some serious maintenance on my brows, but the product was nice.

For the lips I had two products this week.  The first was the About Face liquid lipstick in Take Aim. (it is what I am wearing in the top photo above)  It is a lovely dark and highly pigmented shade and one I will get a lot of use from. When ordering remember that the outer glass packaging is frosted so the product looks lighter in the packaging than it is coming out. As a liquid lip it went on smoothly and dried down really fast.  It wasn’t terribly drying on the lips but once it dried down it wasn’t moving anywhere. It stayed in place all day.  I t moved around a little when I ate something a little greasy, but that is something that happens with most liquid lips.  It was very comfortable formula to wear and I was quite impressed.

The second lip product I had around this week was the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Diamond Milk Lip Gloss. (It is in the photo of the softer makeup day pictured above.)I really enjoy using this lip gloss it feels really juicy on the lips but not super sticky.  As a gloss you have to re-apply it periodically if you want the shine to remain, however even when it wears off my lips feel as though they had an extra burst of hydration.  I like the formula.  I often forget I have this lip gloss though because it is slightly too wide to stand up in my lip stick holder so it goes into the drawer.  I might have to figure out a way to keep it out so that I don’t forget it.

To lock everything in place, I used the Pore Professional Super setter Spray.  While it is something I have used before and enjoy, it is a relatively new product and so I decided it counted.  Besides I didn’t have a new to me setting spray to try out and as I have several open that I am trying to use up and clear out, I didn’t think it a good plan to go and buy a new one.

So that was this week’s make up bag.  Next week I will start with the smaller daily posts instead of the weekly one.  If it goes well, I’ll continue and if it doesn’t I will return to this format or try something else.  It may be in a state of flux for a while. As always feel free to let me know what you think and if you see me mention a product that you want broken out in a more full individual post let me know.   For now I am off to editing land and will see everyone back here later today for Face Mask Friday.  See you then.

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