March 2021 UnderClub Unboxing

I love pretty underwear. There is no getting around it. Pretty underwear makes me feel special when I put it on. Of course it doesn’t have to be sexy underwear, it can be cute cotton as long as it makes me feel special.As my weight increased, the designs became less cute though. In fact it became down right depressing and my underwear shopping started to imly lean into the functional.

Which is just plain sad.

Don’t get me wrong, functional is important. But so is how you feel wearing it. And anyone who has read my posts for any length of time knows that I also love subscription boxes. For a while I concentrated mostly on the beauty products, because skin care doesn’t care about your dress size. It just works to make the skin you are wearing be the best it can.

Recently I started branching out (don’t get me wrong, I still love my skin care) and trying other things. While I am still slimming down for health reasons, I am still not tiny (and don’t ever really plan to be) This made underwear subscriptions somewhat problematic. To be quite blunt, I was a little past their size charts. Then I found that Underclub had a more inclusive size range and signed up to try it out. This is my third month with them and I absolutely love them thus far.

This month is an adorable blue pair that is basically a polka dotted mesh. The see through nature of it is why I am not modeling them for you and why they are on my desk instead I love you all my darlings, but there is a limit to what I am willing to photograph. They are bikini cut. and fit really well. I tried them on after washing them ( I always wash my garments before wearing them, even though this is double packaged. It is a habit.) Washing them first also lets me see if any strings will pull loose or if any stitching is off. There were no issues. They are well constructed with no loose strings.

The set also came with a scratch off card. You scratch it off and get a discount, mine ended up being for $5 off. I think it is a cute idea for a lucky st. Patrick’s day add on.

The brand for this pair is Toast, which has shown up before in this subscription. I am still wearing the first pair and they are showing very little signs of wear so I have high hopes for this pair. They are mesh and see through. I tend to favor cotton during the day and this sort of thing after my post workout shower. The cost for the tier that I am in with this subscription is $15 per month. I have to say each month I have definitely gotten my money’s worth. Like I said this is the third monthly subscription. I also have a set including a bralette and undies that was designed for valentines day. I am still enjoying that as well. The bralette is not a supportive garment, but it is not meant to be. It is great for working at the desk, not so much for going on a walk. Just remember to change to a sports bra before working out and you are good. To be honest I kind of like that. My workouts beat up my undergarments something fierce, especially in the summertime and having to change out of the bralette before working out also reminds me to change out of the noce undies too. By changing them I get to keep the nice underwear longer.

In case you are wondering, my workout underwear comes from Hanes. (the link will take you to the set I purchase, and repurchase for workout wear.) I can buy a pack relatively inexpensively and then just wear them until they can’t take it anymore. As they are good quality, that does take a while, but quality or not, salty sweat is not a friend to cloth. I did find out that I might actually be in the size range for the MeUndies subscription service which features cotton undies, so I might be checking that out soon.

For now I really like the pretty undergarments from underclub. Because of the material and the styling I feel special putting them on and because I tend to put them on after my post workout shower, it feels like a little reward. “I did my sweating and now I get to put on something pretty”. I am all about the small rewards to keep myself on track with my weight loss journey. Pretty underwear is a pretty good reward in my book. And more importantly it isn’t a reward tied to the scale. Putting it on is just a reward for showing up and getting the workout done. If you are interested in this subscription, right now they have a deal going on where you can get a free bralette when you sign up.

Add a FREE bralette to any new subscription with code FREEBRA

Which is not a bad deal all in all. They also have some really delightful sets in their shop. Some are packs of undies to last a whole week and others are individual sets, all are very pretty. They also have an adorable satin sleepwear set that I keep making passes back to the site so study. It is very much on my list to purchase. I’ll Link the image below.

Underclub X Power 2 The Flower Mint  Satin 5-Piece Collection

There are several I have my eye on at the moment but that is probably at the top of the list. Seriously how pretty is that? Their store is fun to check out, and clearly I like to frequently stop by to see their new additions. In the past three months they have been putting up between 1-3 new sets a month. I don’t know if that is typical or if there was a Valentine’s day extravaganza, but they do release new sets fairly regularly. Personally, I like seeing what is available and knowing that because of their size inclusiveness, any set I choose will actually fit me. That makes me feel just as good as pulling on a new pair of undies every month.

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