The Daily: March 9th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings! I hope if the weather is as nice where you are as it is here with me, you are getting a chance to get out and enjoy it. I should have stayed chained to my desk for editing but I added a second walk today. I had my first walk in this morning when it was still a little nippy, but by lunch time the sun was bright, the wind died down and the temperatures lured me with the promise of walking without a sweatshirt.

Which I did. It was glorious.

I may have to work a little late because of it, but I am considering it worth it.

Tonight’s dinner is bean burgers. I love them. It is basically a mix of beans, button mushrooms and dried bread crumbs blended together until it is a mix that can be made into patties. Then it is pan fried so it is warmed through and slightly crispy on the outside and served as you would a hamburger. I add spices to the bean mix depending on the flavor of the toppings. Since I have a little goat cheese to top mine with I added some fennel, cumin and dill to the pattie mix. I’m going to top it with a little homemade tzatziki sauce and a few crumbles of goat cheese.


I know this sounds strange but while I do love a good cut of meat and I adore charcuterie, I have never been fond of the texture of ground beef. I’m fine if it is in sausage form, but I can not take a bolognese. And it is just beef. I don’t have the issue with ground lamb or pork, just the texture of ground beef. Which means I actually like these bean burgers better than many regular hamburgers. So I am very happy about dinner.

It isn’t a terribly light mean so I am keeping lunch light with soup as well as adding in my two walks.

But now my exercise is though and after a quick rise off, I finally got around to putting on my makeup for the day. I had planned to use the IGK Prenup Instant Hair mask in the shower, but I didn’t wash my hair. I just did a quick rinse off and use my Klorane with Nettle Dry Shampoo to make up for it. I’ll wash my hair tonight and get back to you on the mask tomorrow. I did try many of the other thinks that were in this month’s Boxycharm Box though.

I went for a quick and easy makeup day today. I started with the Too Faced Hangover Primer. I liked it much better than I did when I tried the sample. I really think this is going to be a seasonal primer. It isn’t as pore filling as I usually like, but there are days where moisturizing it the key and today was one of them. The primer smelled great, appleid well and my winter dry skin is more receptive to it. I may keep it out the rest of the week to be sure, but at this time of year, I do like this primer.

Because I was going very low key today I went with the QMS Medicosmetics Active glow Tinted Day cream. It is nice and light on the skin and blended in beautifully. It feels like it completely disappeared on the skin, but it still provided nice coverage. It is a little bright for me but a dusting of the Kristofer Buckle Casting Call Loose Setting Powder was enough to keep me from feeling shiny. I used the Real Her Cheek trio palette for bronzer, Blush and Highlight. All three go with a very subtle and more natural look.

And then of course I got to the eyes.

Because the Kypris palette is all shimmer I grabbed the Dominique Cosmetics Sweater Weather palette to provide some softer neutrals. I used the pink shade cuddle and then went in with the pink summer from Kypris Shimmer palette in the shade Sun Glitter. It applies okay with a dry brush but of course I couldn’t leave it at that so I wet the brush and went in with a wet brush. when i close my eyes, it is not so subtle a look and you can see I really went overboard with the shimmers. However one benefit of having hooded eyes is that most of that shimmer is hidden. Plus since I kind of went over board with it, I can see a bit more clearly how it wears through out the day.

That’s what we call turning an accident into an opportunity.

I think part of the difference though is in lighting. Since I am not packing a makeup bag and taking it into the bathroom for the week, I am doing my makeup at my dressing table (imagine that) and the light isn’t as direct so I am having to adjust as to how things look after I apply them. The bathroom has more direct artificial light and the dressing table has more natural light, so it generally shows more of how it looks in real life. Which is not a bad thing.

I do like this shimmer. I think I may keep this palette out on my dressing table for a while. while i might not use it every day, I may dip into the shimmers periodically as I get a feel for it. I will say though that next time I am reaching for my Luxie shadow brushes. Actually, to clarify, I am reaching for any other shadow brushes that aren’t the Beauty Diva London. I am not a fan. The handles feel cheap, but I can get past that if they work really well. They don’t. The brushes were really hard to work with. Luckily, I was only doing two tones and I just smacked one on top of the other without much blending but blending is not their strong suit. I started to reach for one of the darker colors to deepen the crease but the brushes were so clunky to work with I made a mess and had to start over. I am not a fan.

I am a fan of the Ciate London Triple Shot XXL Mascara. The length I got on these lashes was amazing. i hope it shows in the close up of the eye shadow because i forgot to take a before and after mascara pic. I’ll try to remember for tomorrow. It doesn’t thicken, but this mascara really lengthens. This is the second mascara from Ciate that I’ve tried and I like them both. The Wonderwand Mascara is very thickening and this is very lengthening. I was trying to decide which I wanted to reorder but truthfully worn together they are perfect, so I might just order both and keep them paired. I have a little while to decide as I have a back log of mascaras to get through, but I really enjoyed the lengthening of this one. The Roen lip gloss that came in my Boxy charm was also used today. I was thinking that the color might not work but on the lips it is really just a very subtle shine that went really well with everything else.

I skipped brows today, mostly because my bangs more or less cover them so I forgot. I am going to be getting out one of my liquid brow products though. I have three and I don’t like keeping them so long. I’ve mostly moved to pencils so I want to used them and see f any of them need to be thrown out or replaced. I may do that tonight so that when i sit down in the morning it is ready and waiting.

And then I locked it into place with my Porefessional Supper setter from Benefit. I love the mist on that one. So light and never splotchy. My look, despite the extra shimmer, isn’t the most elaborate of looks, but it is perfect for a work day sitting at my computer. Thus far all of the products are working well, I’ll let you know if I see any problems. As I am still editing, I am avoiding jewelry, but with luck tomorrow will be my last editing day.

Then you can see the array of earrings I can not wear with a mask as my week is still office bound even when the editing is done.

Of course that only happens if I get back to work. So back to work for me it is. I hope you have a fantastic afternoon and enjoy the rest of your day, no matter where you are.

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