Birchbox Beauty Box March 2021

This is apparently the week of the subscription boxes. As February’s subscriptions seemed to all come in at the end of the month it feels like I just reviewed a bunch of boxes. Today’s review is of the Birchbox Subscription box. As you may recall from previous posts I decided (after a break) to try out a year long subscription of Birchbox. Thee were a lot of changes announced so i wanted to see if it was a better subscription or if I should leave it again once my year was up. With a year-long subscription my box is $13 per month. If I had a six month subscription it would be $14 and if I went month to month than it would be $15. There is tax added so my $13 box comes to $14.27 each month.

While they have many options that you are allowed to choose by the time i log in on the 27th of the month often times many of the selections are gone. This month however All of the selections were available. This is the first time this has happened and I was thrilled to have the full variety of selections at my disposal. From the Options I chose the Clean beauty heros. It had a couple of things I tried before and liked and a couple of things that looked interesting and that I wanted to try. Let’s go through them shall we?

The first item in my boz was the Australian Caly Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment from Sand & Sky. Oh yes, my darlings, it is a clay mask. I have gone through large jars of this mask before and liked it. In case you are thinking it sounds more recent a mention than my last jar, then yes, well done for spotting it. I actually received the same mask from Birchbox last month. One of my issues with Birchbox was the repeat items.

Yes, this was my choice, but the single choice items, the regular box and the one full sized item didn’t appeal to me and this box did. I’m not upset that this item is repeated, because I know it is one I will ue, but it is something I will be monitoring for November when I have to make a choice about keeping or leaving the subscription.

Moving on I was happy to see the Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks appear. I used to not think much of eye masks but then I tried them in the middle of allergy season and they were amazing. Some eye masks perform better than others of course, but all I’ve tried so far have been pretty good at depuffing. My two current favorites are actually 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Eye Masks and Grace and Stella’ energizing Eye Masks should you be interested (the links will take you to their sites and the masks) but I really do like the Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Masks as well. They stay in place and really hydrate the under eyes. As my garden seeds are sprouting in the greenhouse I am starting to gather up and inventory all of my eye masks in readiness for the spring pollen onslaught, and these will be a welcome addition to the gathering.

The next item, if I am honest, is one of the main reasons I chose this box. It is the bareMinerals Gen Nude Potent Lip Lacquer in Pout. I will more than likely be wearing it today when I put on my makeup post workout. I really wanted to try their lip formula. I had a liquid lip of some sort from the brand a while back and loved it. I am currently loving their hydrating lipstick formula, but it has been a while and this is apparently a new release So I was eager to try it. It will be nice to see how it performs.

I have never tried anything from Loum Beauty of Calm before although I have seen them around. This Pure Serenity Golden C serum is supposed to be used around the eyes. I’ve tried eye creams and I have an eye oil in my to try line up, but I have never tried an eye serum. I am always happy to find new products to help me defend against the advance of fine lines. I know in the end it will be a loosing battle and I’ve accepted that, but I also intend to put up a good fight first.

So I thought that would be interesting to try And although the sample is quite small, not a lot of product is used around the eyes so it might actually give me a pretty good idea what to expect from a full sized version of the product. That is of course the reason I love sample sizes so much. It’s like taking the product for a test drive before bringing it home. It saves wasted product and wasted money.

Moving along, I found a Hair Product in my BirchBox this month. It was the R+Co Rodeo Star Thickening Foam. I have used a lot of different styling products in my hair but I don’t use a lot of foams. I really like the Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse for volume (and even that I use sparingly), but other than that I don’t really have a lot of foaming products. Also I have rather thick hair to begin with so thickening it usually isn’t my plan. I’m hoping it means volume which I can sometimes use as my hair gets straighter and flatter the longer it gets. My mother has very fine hair though and I told her about it and she is excited by the prospect.

Amusingly, I asked if she just wanted me to send it on and she said, ‘No you try it first and then tell me what to expect’. Which means she wants to know what problems to expect and if my hair is going to fall out when using it. It shouldn’t surprise me. As I am willing to try a lot more things I was always the product Guinea Pig of our household. I could have lived without being the first to try the first version of the Epilady when it came out, but in general it works out well. So I will try a small amount to see what it does and how it performs and expect that i will be passing the rest of it on.

Finally, there was a small added extra in this month’s box. It was the EXO Supply Nail Polish Remover Wipe in Lavender. I have used one of these in a different scent and I was thrilled with the way it removed nail polish. It is very easy to use. I never picked up a full size of them after trying and loving the sample because I wasn’t sure how biodegradable they were and I didn’t want to eliminate my use of Makeup wipes just to add in Nail Polish cloths. Recently my nails have looked pretty banged up in photos because I have been testing the limits of a couple of nail polishes, Primarily, Sally Hansen, Smith & Cult and OPI. Usually though I paint my nails once a week, except when the garden is in full swing and nail polish is laughable as it is always destroyed in a single day of pulling weeds. Next week I’ll start posting my findings, for those following along.

So that was my March Birchbox/ Overall I was very happy with my box. I was thrilled I was able to choose from the full selection of options. I will be watching and monitoring the repeat items. Everything except the R+CO thickening foam will be used and some I am very excited I get a chance to try. I think I can say that this was a very good month and while decisions will be made in November, at the moment i am happy to keep receiving Birchbox.

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