The Daily: March 10th, 2021

Well today did not go as planned. You may have noticed a missing post earlier. After my first post of the day I went for my walk. Upon my return I found my neighbor Agnes waiting for me on the front lawn. well, maybe not waiting for me exactly. I haven’t mentioned her in a while but Agnes is my neighbor who has rather severe dementia.

A move was planned for her to an assisted facility but Covid derailed them so her kids and professional caregivers take turns spending time with her. They seem to have a pretty good system and frankly I hadn’t seen Agnes in quite a few months. Today there was a gap in the family plan and Agnes slipped free. I called her kids and then Agnes and I had tea in the back garden for a few hours.

I have no idea who she actually thought I was but she did assume I was some sort of medical professional due to my mask. I told her I had a cold I didn’t want her to catch which is why I was sitting six feet from her on the other side of the table. She thanked me for my curtesy and to show her appreciation warned me about the sneak thief who has apparently been plaguing our neighborhood.

Apparently the thief steals ice cream sandwiches.

When her daughter arrived and Agnes was once again settled I asked about it. Apparently Agnes likes ice cream sandwiches and likes them as a snack. So she will eat one, dispose of the wrapper, forget she ate it and think, ‘You know, I would like an ice cream sandwich’. Eventually the box is empty and she believes someone stole them.

So in case you were worried, my neighborhood is not actually under threat from the Ice Cream Sandwich Bandit.

I know I was relieved.

But everything has ended well. Agnes is back home and her daughter brought a new box of ice cream sandwiches. No one was injured and apparently one of her kids is going to move into the house with Agnes in a few weeks so there will be someone there twenty four seven with the others arranging for breaks.

It sort of altered my day a bit, but I’m fine with that. Despite everything, I actually like talking to Agnes. I am a bit behind on my editing and there is no makeup post to add today because quite frankly, I didn’t get around to actually putting on any makeup. I think my plan is to take one of my Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Masks from 111Skin (the ones that are really nice to the skin, but too thick to wear when sitting upright) and put it on and lie down for fifteen minutes to recuperate. Then I’ll try to get back on track with the editing.

I think fifteen minutes before getting back to some semblance of my regularly scheduled day might be for the best. Tomorrow we will talk about what came in this month’s Glossy Box. For now, its a mask break and editing. I’ll see you then. Have a good afternoon my darlings.

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