Glossy Box March 2021 Unboxing

I always love when my Glossy Box comes in. Not only are there usually excellent items for me to try, but it is wrapped up like a present and makes me feel like i am actually getting a gift. I know it is a gift I bought. The subscription is $21 per month but I get it for $18 as I signed up for a year long membership. I think I signed up last July for the year long subscription. Even with the year long subscription, you still pay monthly and I personally consider it worth it. (In case you are wondering the link is my referral code. I believe I get glossy credit if you click on it and subscribe.)

The reason it feels so gift like despite the fact that I paid for it is that it comes in a sturdy (and reusable) box. when you open it there is a little ribbon tied around a tissue wrapped bundle. You untie the bow of the ribbon, fold back the tissue and there are your items nestled in paper squiggles. It really is a joy to open.

But as with most things it is what is inside that counts. So what did I find inside my Glossy Box?

First up was a KAB Sugar and Spice lip gloss. It is a full size. Oddly the packaging reminds me of Bite Beauty liquid lips. I have several lip liners from KAB but I have never tried their lip gloss. I tried swatching it, but it really does just come across as clear. I am always happy to have another lip product to try.

The next item I thought I had already in a sample size but then I read the label carefully. It it the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream intense hydration in Grapefruit.

I have several First Aid Beauty creams to try but I don’t think any of them are grapefruit. I adore the scent of grapefruit. I think that is one of the reasons I absolutely love the Malin+Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser, it has that wonderful scent to it – and it is also a super fab cleanser.

I don’t know if this has the super fab scent to it because I won’t open it until I am ready to try it, but I have my fingers crossed.

The next item in my Glossy Box is the Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm – Pore Clarifying from Banila Co. I have tried a different cleansing balm from Banila Co (it was in a pink jar instead of a green one) and I really liked it. It was gentle and very effective and I hope this one will prove to be too.

Actually, I have liked most things I have tried from Banila Co. Their Mr Flower and Miss Honey Moisturizer I tried in sample form and is on my list of products to try in the full size. (if you do happen to click on the link it is just to their website, I get nothing from it, but how gorgeous is that jar of cream? Super stinkin’ gorgeous. The moisturizer inside is really good too, but it is a really pretty jar all golden and honeycomb shaped. It has no relevance to anything really, I just had to point that out).

It does smell of honey so if that isn’t your thing, ou might want to stay away. I love the scent of honey so it isn’t a problem for me. I don’t know what this cleansing balm smells like but as I am almost out of my current makeup remover, Imay be swapping this in at the end of the week so it shouldn’t be too long before I know.

I am always happy to see Caudalie in a subscription box. This is the Vinoperfect Radiance serum. It is apparently one of their top sellers so I am super excited to try it. I think I might have a second one of these in my skin care drawer. If I do I will pair them together and see if I can do a full thirty day trial with them. Generally I find I can get at least two weeks with each of these sized serum samples.

Moving on is a brand I am still learning about. That is ESPA. I tried a scalp mask from them and really liked it. It was very spa like as you put it on and then let it sit for twenty minutes. while I usually like things that I can just add to my shower routine, there is something really nice about having to take the time to wait. I end up using it on my hair when I take a bath. For my baths, I tend to o a quick shower first (so I’m not sitting in dirty water) and I’ll do a quick wash and apply the mask, then let the bath fill. Since the mask can be worn over night I don’t feel rushed in the tub and when I am done I rinse it out of my hair. It is great on the hair and a fabulous way to slow down and relax.

This product however is not for the hair it is the No Rinse Hand Cleanser. The scent listed in the pamphlet is Bergamot and Jasmine. I’m not a huge fan of bergamot. However, the scent I received was the Eucalyptus and tea tree. I sprayed it on my hands and I have to say it felt really nice. I am afraid that i won’t get more than one spray out of it because my baby doll came in and made puppy dog eyes at me once he found out the scent was for a hand product. He ADORES eucalyptus and so I have now passed it on to him. He is in love with the scent and telling me he feels very fancy. I have no doubt that he will use every last drop. I also suspect there will be a full sized bottle coming into the house as he has already looked it up and bookmarked it. I might order a new scalp mask at the same time. It is a really nice mask, and I am very happy to share with my babydoll.

Finally there is an extra treat this month it is a sixth item and it is the Soon Skin Care Golden Eye 24K Gold Hydragel eyepatches. I have never tried anything from Soon Skincare although the name sounds vaguely familiar. I do know that I really like most eye masks. I have started gathering them in preparation for allergy season. When the pollen starts flying I generally put a set of under eye masks on each afternoon. when it gets really bad I use one of those eye masks you keep in the freezer to depuff my eyes, but I generally find most eye masks soothe enough to help with seasonal puffiness. So I am happy to add these to my stack.

Plus, who doesn’t like an extra little treat?

Over all I am really happy with my mix of items. It is skin care heavey, but Glossy box usually is skin care heavy, which I tend to like. I received several items from brands I know and like, one I’ve never heard of, and two that I want to learn more about. Admittedly the ESPA No Rinse Hand Cleanser might be something I learn about vicariously, but it will still be educational. As I said before I pay $18 per month for this box and I have to say it was definitely worth it this month.

If you are looking for more Glossy, they have the Glossy Egg now available in time for easter. It is packed with fabulous goodies and is the limited edition box they currently have available. Well, not currently available. It goes on sale March 18th. Here are the details:

The GLOSSYBOX Easter Egg is landing very soon, but you need to be quick! Subscriber priority access from 12pm EST / 9am PT on Thursday, March 18th, Non-subscribers can purchase from 12pm EST / 9am PT on March 19th (while stocks last) : Subscriber price $24, Non-subscriber price $29.

Even more exciting, they have hidden 30 Golden Eggs amongst the pink, if you find one you’ll also win an incredible prize – the brand new FOREO BEAR™ (worth $299!) This revolutionary facial toning device uses advanced microcurrent & T-Sonic™ pulsations to exercise the 65+ muscles in your face & neck, delivering a safe and effective anti-aging treatment at home!

These eggs tend to sell out really fast each year and I expect they will go super fast this year, so if you are interested in getting this egg for your basket then mark the date and when it arrives hop to it. I tried to get one last year but missed out. So it is already on my calendar. Wish me luck.

Incidentally if you, like me, can’t get enough skin care and are always looking for a deal. Lovely Skin is having a 20% sale right now. Somethings looked to be more than 20% off, but mostly it is 20%. I really like Lovely Skin and tend to order from them a lot not only because of their frequent sales and discounts, but because I can order multiple brands in one order which really makes it easy to replenish my supplies. I don’t mind going a lot of places to get what I want, but if I don’t have to, why bother? It makes shopping for multiple brands a lot easier. In fact i think that a lot of items that came in this month’s Glossy Box they have available I know they have the Soon eye masks because i looked them up earlier and thought about adding them to the shopping cart now. I may try the eye masks this afternoon and mke y decision on that before the sale ends actually. But that is for later. If you are interested in the sale just click the banner below and it will take you there. Happy Shopping.


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