A little Papaya for the Friday Face Mask

Good afternoon my darlings I hope your Friday is going well. Mine has been kind of busy, but I can’t complain as it has also been quite quiet. So I’m taking advantage of the quiet to catch up on a few things. As a consequence, today’s face mask is being taken at the desk.

Through a mix of subscription boxes I managed to get three separate sample tubes of the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel mask. I am not complaining. First off because I really like Elemis products and second because the mask was already in my on-line shopping cart when the first of them showed up. Once the other two appeared I figured I could get a good long test and then I would know for certain if this was a product i wanted to purchase.

yesterday’s spot treatment

Before I get into this mask I should point out that while my skin is mostly clear right now I had a bunch of clogged pores that I am 90% sure are due to the eye cream I was using. One of the best ways I know to clear them out is to use the Herbal Dynamics Beauty Chamomile and Cacao clearing mask on the affected areas to bring them to the surface and then the following day use and exfoliating product to help clear them away. So yesterday I used the clearing mask. It is pretty strong so I try not to use it too often. It’s kind of a once a month mask or a spot treatment mask for me.

Yesterday I spot treated and then today I am using the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel mask. The mask is a thin white cream that has a consistency almost like a gel cream moisturizer. It smooths on well and has a lightly frutal/floral scent that actually reminds me of freshly cut papayas. You know that initial scent when you first slice into them. It isn’t a strong scent and it smells very clean.

mask on

I applied the mask and let it sit while I answered some e-mails at my desk. This isn’t a mask that lends itself to the lying down and relaxing. It has a zingy tingling so it that feels oddly energizing. If you’ve got no one in your office with you, this is definitely a mask you can work with. I went with a thin layer because I was concerned about the peeling aspect. I didn’t know how strong it was likely to be. Last night I did a test patch and had no reactions to it, but with the tingling I knew it did something so I figured caution was in order.

According to the Elemis Website this peel is…

After fifteen

A non-abrasive cream exfoliator infused with natural fruit enzymes to gently smooth and clarify tired, lacklustre skin. This rinse-off exfoliator gently dissolves dead skin cells without abrasion. Infused with the natural enzymes from Papaya and Pineapple, the mild cream formula purifies and protects whilst leaving skin looking and feeling smooth, revitalised and radiant.

Now I know a lot of people have issues with fruit enzymes and if you are one of them then I would steer clear. Personally I do not have issues with them.My skin has never reacted poorly to a product I’ve used containing them. everyone’s skin is different though, so check the label if you know your skin has issues.

I applied the mask, set the timer for fifteen minutes and began typing. In the fifteen minutes a lot of the mask absorbed into my skin. There is clearly some left on, but much of it was absorbed. I washed it off and my skin did look brighter once I had. it could have just been the dulling cream look to it, but I’ve posted before and after pictures below. It isn’t a massive brightening, but I think it is noticeable, especially in person. My skin felt soft and there were no negative after effects. I think the woord peeling just makes me a little nervous. It brings mental images from horror movies to mind where massive strips start peeling from the body exposing muscle and bone.

I should probably watch fewer horror movies.

But i was pleased it was a gentle and not overly dramatic and traumatizing peel.

The fact that most of it seemed to absorb in made me feel better about the thin layer I applied. It seemed like the right amount to get the job done. I liked the way my skin looked and felt. The only issue I had was with my lips.

Okay, I know that sounds strange because as you can see in the photos, I did not apply the mask on my lips. However when I washed it off I’m guessing some got onto my lips and the residue left my lips feeling a little waxy. I used my Milk Makeup Kush Lip Scrub, partially because it was handy and partially because it is almost empty and if the mask affected the remaining product it wouldn’t be an issue. I just didn’t want to leave something called a peeling mask on my lips too long. the mask took it off easily with no damage to the Milk Makeup, although it did scrape off the top layer with my finger nail just to be sure.

I really like this mask, but I think what I might do before the next application is to apply a lip mask first so that my lips are covered and it won’t be an issue. The only reason it makes me potentially nervous is that it is a peeling formula and my lips tend to dry and chap easily. I think peeling masks, like any exfoliator really, should be used sparingly so I will be using this mask as on occasional thing every couple of weeks to see how it performs. With three travel sized tubes I am set for quite a while on this mask. At the end of my supply I will definitely know if i want to purchase the full size, but for now, it looks very good.

Incidentally Elemis is having a customer appreciation sale going on right now. If you are looking to stock up on some of their products, now is a good time to look into it. I’ll post the link below.

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