Happy Hour: ?

I know this is where I normally post the food and drink my baby doll and I indulge in on our Friday evening end of the week celebration. However tonight we have been invited over to a friends house. It is now warm enough to use the back porch for a short evening gathering and everyone in the house has been vaccinated. There will still be masks and social distancing over the porch and the short happy hour gathering (plus there aren’t that many of us) but I will not be making anything. Tonight the food and drink will be in someone else’s hands. I suspect it will be prepackaged items: beer and wine for drinks and cheese and charcuterie for food. It will be a small gathering, in the open but it will be the first in about a year so we are going. We will spend an hour or two making merry and then walk the two blocks back to our house. I promise to make it up to you next week. For now, I am off to shower and change. It is ridiculous to see how excited i actually am about this small gathering. I feel like its the first time I’ve ever been invited anywhere.

Happy Friday everyone!

Oh and if you are looking for something to celebrate this weekend, Sunday is Dry Shampoo day. I personally plan on trying Klorane’s new eco friendly dry shampoo. It comes in a package with no accelerant. According to the package you squeeze the bottle to get the product out. I can’t wait to try it. Sunday seems like the perfect day. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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