Trying out the Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder

Last week I started posting a weekly line up of my skin care products, not only so I could share what I am using with you but to show how I rotate products in and out of my line up. 

And because I can’t resist talking about skin care.

At least not for very long.

I will be shortening it up a bit as Friday’s post got a little bit long, but I wanted to break out some of the products in their own posts.  The first one I wanted to mention was the Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder.

It is a sample size and it arrived in my Ipsy Glam Bag on February 17th.  I began trying it out that very evening and this morning, March 15th, I used the last of it.  Tonight I will be opening my La Roche Posay cleanser. While not quite a month of use, I am only short by a few days so I figured it was worth breaking out into is own post.  Especially as I absolutely loved it.

I figured I should let you know that up front. It was an excellent cleanser. After using it, I can see why the Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder is one of their best sellers, despite its slightly clunky name.

But I am jumping the gun a little bit.  First, let’s look at the cleanser itself.  The word peeling had me a little nervous at first but as it is Amore Pacific I was somewhat at ease.  Their products, at least the ones I’ve tried, have all been excellent and more importantly my skin always reacts really well to them.  They are on the more expensive side so while I do save up and look for sales I also latch on to any sample sizes from the brand that even remotely come into my orbit.

I will in fact alter my orbit to scoop them up.

So, let’s look at what the official description of the Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder is from the Amore Pacific site.

A daily exfoliating cleanser with a powder-to-foam formula powered by plant-derived enzymes to gently remove dull skin cells, impurities and residual makeup.

This daily deep-cleansing exfoliator is formulated with papaya and green tea derived enzymes to remove skin-dulling residue for a brighter, smoother complexion. The water-activated, powder-to-foam formula leaves skin primed to receive skin-care ingredients that follow. Use morning and night, after removing makeup. The bottle is designed to dispense the perfect amount per use. Dispense powder onto your palm, add a small amount of water, and fully lather. Massage onto face, avoiding the eye area. Rinse with warm water.


Amore Pacific

Now as I had a sample size, I did not have the dispenser that controls the amount of product let out.  I had a screw top and a guess.  Actually, I fiddled with the amounts a bit.  The interesting thing was that the amount of product you put in your hand determined the way the product felt on your skin.  If you used only a little (maybe a dime sized amount), you got a light foaming wash.  More product, maybe a nickel sized about – which was my typical use – produced a richer foam but was still a light foam. A quarter’s size or more of the pro made it a dense and creamy face wash.  While I liked the middle of that range, I tended to find myself going lighter with the product in the morning when all I was washing off were the remains of my sleeping mask and heavier in the evening when I was taking off makeup. 

That was more personal choice in product consistency on the skin than anything else.  I used the cleanser after removing my makeup.  It took off makeup remnants the same no matter how much or little I used.  I just liked the denser creamy feel when I was wearing more full coverage products that day.  Even if I used only a little I ended up with a fill clean.  I go in with toner right after my cleanser and the toner pads were almost devoid of any makeup residue. 

The foam produced by the smallest amount used (about half of what is pictured above) Sorry for the face I’m making, but i was trying not to get it in my mouth.

I really liked the feeling of playing with the product though.  It was fun to dispense it and decide exatly how much product I wanted.  I liked adding the water to it.  I thought that part might be a bit messy but it wasn’t  I cupped the product in my hands and used only a little drop of water then placed my other hand over it and rubbed.

Voila! Foam.

No messy drips or anything.  And because the product was dry in the package there were no clogged pumps or messy tops to worry about.  It was fun and clean to use.

But how did it work?  Well, it took off all the dregs of makeup easily.  It didn’t strip my skin although the peeling nature of it removed dead skin cells.  It didn’t leave my skin overly processed or create any dry spots.  I never once felt overly peeled. My skin is soft and feels amazing and except where I had issues with my eye cream, I had no breakouts during my trial of this product.  Not even in the masking area where I have been getting breakouts lately. I’d have a couple of spots where it looked like my skin wanted to think about breaking out.  I’d get a red spot and then after my night time wash and skin care followed by my morning skincare the redness faded and my skin decided not to break out at all. 

toner pad post use. This was after makeup removal of a full face of makeup and a wash with the cleanser.

Part of that is due to the fact that my skin is less oily than it is usually due to the winter, but I really feel that the cleanser taking off all the remnants of makeup really played a role in preventing break outs.   I know this is a bit of an unbalanced review but I really could not find anything I did not like about this cleanser. 

The toner pad pictured to the left is after use post wash. I did use the MAC Cleanse Off Oil and my MakeUp Eraser before washing. Normally even after removing my makeup and washing my face my toner removes the last dregs of the makeup from my skin. With this cleanser the dregs were very minimal.

The scent was clean and fresh, slightly floral, slightly fruity but not overpowering and quickly dissipating.  I really enjoyed this cleanser and will be putting it on my list of products I want to buy in the full size.  Actually with Amore Pacific it is the products I will add it to the list of products I am waiting to go on sale, it is actually the least expensive one on the list.  I have been watching the Time Response Skin Reserve cream for a while now.

I tried a sample and fell in love.  The fact that it is a $450 cream means love hurts.  It generally takes me a while before I can talk myself into the more expensive products I like.  I am sure I will have better luck with this $60 cleanser.  That, even if not on sale, I can generally justify for a personal treat.  Truthfully, sale or not, I might be making this Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder my birthday present to myself this year.  My birthday is at the end of June so I have some time to decide.  It is most certainly a possibility though.


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