Perfume Review: Sunday Brunch by Kierin NYC Perfumes

Recently I have been trying out the samples from the Kierin NYC Discovery Kit. As you know, and I’m sure everyone knows at this point, i am a huge fan of trying perfumes before I purchase them While the collector of glass in my sees the bottles and just wants them, not all perfumes are scent’s I want to have around, regardless of the beauty of the bottles.

Full sized bottle (different scent)

That is what makes discovery kits, like this one so fantastic. In the discovery kit you et four samples of perfumes to try out. There is enough product in each for about two weeks of daily wear, which is plenty of time to find out if you can lie with a perfume. There have been many perfumes I have tried that I liked initially in the one day wear test but found after three days I was ready to call it quits. As perfumes can get pricey, I find it better to just try a sample for a full week straight and then take some time to think about it.

What I especially like about this kit is that while it costs $20, when you purchase it you also get a $20 voucher that rolls into the purchase of a full sized bottle of perfume from the brand. And currently (while supplies last) you also get a 10 ml bottle of their latest release Rose ink. The 10 ml sized bottle is shone in this post as is the Full sized bottle of the perfume so you can see what they look like. They (along with the discovery kit) were sent to my by Kierin NYC for review). I love that the bottles are made from recycled glass and given a white coat to protect the perfume inside.

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the 10 ml sized bottle

Now, I have been working through this discovery kit (this is the third out of four that I’ve tried)/ I had to take a little break because I was having dry skin issues and I didn’t want to spray anything erven remotely near my hands if I didn’t have to. My baby doll picked up an extra strength hand sanitizer and it dried my hands out more than anything I have ever used. I’ve been moisturizing like crazy (and stopped using that hand sanitizer) and all is well now so I can get back to wearing perfume.

Today’s sample is the Sunday Brunch Scent. The official description is …

In The Mood For Good Times?

Sunday Brunch inspires a celebratory mood and making memories of a life well lived.  A unique blend of scents, this fragrance is citrusy, cheerful and luminous.  

au de Parfum:  Premium quality with 20% Fragrance concentration. Comes as a Natural Spray. Clean & Conscious: This product is cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, recyclable and free of toxins, parabens, phthalates, unnecessary dyes and stabilizers. Made with natural sugar cane alcohol. KIERIN CARES: Proud to be one of the very few perfume brands certified 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free by PETA.  Fragrance made in the USA.

Vibe:  Cheerful – Luminous

Olfactive Harmony:  Citrus – Floral

Key Ingredients:  Italian Bergamot – Lemon – Earl Grey Tea – Jasmine

Perfumer: Mathieu Nardin, known for combining artisanal techniques with modern materials and new innovations.

This premium niche eau de parfum is an “artfully crafted scent collage with signature vibes.” 

I’ll admit, I was slightly nervous about this scent. Bergamot and I are not the best of friends and while I love the scent of Earl Gray tea, I don’t like the taste of it. While my grandparents were Builder’s tea all the way, my mom is a huge Earl Gray fan. For drinking I lean towards regular black tea but Earl Gray is a huge scent from my childhood.

As I think about it, this perfume actually captures my favorite part of that which is the scent. I like the scent of Earl Gray, I just can’t take the taste. Sunday Brunch does capture that scent. The lemon is quite forward in the scent mix and blends well with the Earl gray scent. It smells like tea with lemon. There is a slight floral element to the perfume but it is a back note. It is as though you were having tea in the sunroom and the heat was making the scent of the garden rise outside and drift inwards. The florals are a light touch but the Earl Gray and lemon are more present.

The scent, like all of Kierin NYC’s perfumes thus far, come on strong and then fade back to something more wearable. I would say this is more of a day scent than an evening one. I could see wearing it to an office or on a day time shopping excursion, but I wouldn’t choose it for after hours. It is too sunny a scent for that. It is a very bright and sunny smelling perfume and I like it.

I have a hard time separating the nostalgia from the scent though. For me it is very much a scent that brings me back to childhood and having morning tea in the summer with my mother. We always had potted plants and gardens so even the floral seems appropriate. I really enjoy it for that, but I am not certain i could wear it every day. The perfume seems wearable enough for everyday use, but I doubt my memories could take it in a daily dose. While I like the scent and may end up getting a small 10 ml size of it, I can’t see this being a full sized bottle purchase for me.

This would be a once in a while perfume so I am sure the smaller size would last a while. I am however very glad I tried it and will definitely wear it again. I just think that trips down memory lane should probably not be taken daily. If you are looking for a light scent for daytime wear, you might want to actually give this a try though. while the citrus does brighten it, the tea gives it a bit of grounding so it is a very well balanced blend. I can’t wait to see what the final scent in the discovery kit holds for me.

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