Macy’s Beauty Box March 2021 Unboxing

I started my Macy’s Beauty Box subscription in December and I have to say each month I have received it, I am liking it more and more.  It is a $15 ($16.46 with tax). The box promises 5 or more items each month and it is usually more.  This month there were seven items in the box.  Typically there are perfume samples as part of the box, but this month we received an interesting product that I think takes the place of the perfumes. 

The pink tissue paper roll in the box

We’ll get to that in a second.  First there is the theme of the box.  This month is called Me-Time magic and are items geared towards creating your own at home spa time.  Normally I don’t really pay too much attention to the themes because quite frankly in most boxes it seems that the theme is sort of chose for the month and the products have little to nothing to do with the theme.  Macy’s seems to do rather well in tying the theme to the box. Everything in this box is geared towards self-care.

We’ll start with the scented product that I think replaced the perfumes this month  It is called Scentered.  And despite the fact that spell check is having a fit with the name, that is how it is spelled .. It is a destress therapy balm. It looks like a little lip balm and it is meant to be applied to the wrists, temples and neck to relieve tensions and sooth the mind and spirit. 

rolled up all the way

The scents are Chamomile, Neroli and Mandarin.  I will say it smells a bit like herbally oranges. It is a nice scent and one I would think of as quite relaxing.  Time will tell if it actually helps with the destressing, but I am certainly willing to give it a go. For such a little thing there is quite a lot of product considering how little you use when applying it. When I looked at their web page they had a whole range, including one to promote sleep. I am always looking for things to encourage me to sleep so if I like the feel of this balm, I may be ordering a sleep themed one to try out.

The second Item out of my pink tissue paper roll was the Ritual of Sakura sensational Foaming shower gel.  This scent is rice milk and cherry.  I have actually used this before.  I had one that was infused with cedar and I absolutely loved it. 

It is a really good shower gel and I will happily add it to my line up of bathing products. I also need to remember to start posting my reviews of bathing products.  I tend to forget my shower when talking about products and I am trying to remedy that.

The third item was one that we’ve seen before.  It came in one of the Macy’s boxes a few months ago.  It is the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask.  I will never complain about seeing this mask in a subscription box.  In fact I will never complain about seeing any Peter Thomas Roth Product in a subscription box. 

I am always leery of repeated products though.  This is the first repeat I’ve seen, and I can very easily see how it goes along with the me-time spa experience, I will just be on the lookout for repeat products.  I am however very happy to have this, especially as we start edging into warmer weather.  This is an excellent mask to use when you’ve had a little too much sun.

There is actually a second mask in this bag as well, and it does go along with the spa theme to also have a clay mask.  I’m not upset about having two masks in one box as they are very different.  This second mask is the GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment mask. 

I have heard very good things about this mask.  For a while I was rather down on Glamglow as I tried a couple of things that just didn’t really work for me.  But recently I’ve been trying a couple of products from them and liking them more and more. Their Bright Eyes Eye Cream is definitely one of their products to look into and hopefully this Supermud clearing treatment will be as well. I am always happy to have a clearing treatment around.

In the box this month there is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, chamomile and Lavender. I think I might have tried something from the brand but I vaguely recall not being that impressed. But I could be recalling something else to be honest.  I know loads of people rave about the brand.  I spritzed it in the air and while there was a fine mist that came out, there were lots of spatters so I don’t think I would use this post makeup application.

To be honest, I am not too keen on the scent and will probably pass it on.  It reminds me of the herb packets my grandmother used to tuck into the sock drawer.  As I’m pretty sure she used chamomile and lavender in her herb mix I would say that those are the two scents present. So two thumbs up for the brand on that. The scents just remind me of a sock drawer however, which is not really a relaxing scent to me.  I might try it on my face to see how it feels, in case I want to pick up a different scent, but I can’t see this being an oft used product for me.

One scent I do find delicious is the Harper and Ari Uplift Blackberry Fizz that is in the box.  It smells delightful.  Although, really if you are trying to get me to like something blackberry is almost always the way to go. I know the Harper and Ari bath cubes were a huge thing a while back although I didn’t try them.  I am very happy to give this a go as I adore bath fizzes.

I normally keep a bunch on hand, but now I am actually down to the ones I don’t particularly care for scent wise.  Surprisingly, my baby doll also likes bath salts and fizzes.  Admittedly, he had never seen them before we moved in together and now he has his own jar. He likes the eucalyptus and menthol scented products. He and my mom have bonded over that because those are her favorite as well.  As they are her favorite, she sends me a pack every year for Christmas, because on some topics she is of the mind that if she likes them then everyone likes them. 

Luckily, my baby doll does. As much as he likes them he has never actually had to buy them. Part of me wants to hid his jar and see if he will actually order them on his own or if he will just wait until the next holiday. Thus far I have been able to resist the urge to hide them, but the urge is strong.

Finally there is a Cold Gel Eye Mask in the bag that, according to the pamphlet was created just for Macy’s. (Since it is created just for Macy’s and I couldn’t find it on-line I linked to the one I was getting ready to order for spring in case you are interested in these sorts of masks – It’s a basic amazon link, I get nothing from it).

I love these cold gel masks, especially during allergy season.  They have these little gel balls in them and you put it in the fridge when your eyes are puffy, and then lay with it over your eyes for a little while.  Poof, no more puff. It is the best non medicated way to make my eyes and sinuses feel better mid allergy season.   And my old one is looking pretty rough. This one has a nice fuzzy and soft back with a wide elastic band to hold it in place.   


I am going to have to find a special place in the fridge for it.  And to be honest, I will probably store it in a zip lock bag in the fridge.  My old one has a bit of a mustard stain issue because I did not take such precautions before and no matter how many times I wash it, I find myself thinking I might want to eat a hot dog while wearing it.

But no more.  Now I have a new non mustard scented mask and I intend to keep it that way.  So a zip top bag will be deployed keeping it safe from the incursion of condiments.

It is also one less thing I need to pick up before Spring and Summer really kick off.  I put in an order for more sunscreen from Volition already as I knew I was going to need to stock up (and because I use it year round and my tube is almost empty), but I haven’t made a list yet of the other things I’ll need to order. I’m sure a gel mask would have made it onto the list as it is allergy season necessary.  Now I don’t have to add it.

I love when that happens with subscription boxes.

I have to say I was very impressed with this month. I may pass the Mario Badescu on because of scent issues, but I will try it once or twice despite that to see if the formula is one that I think works for me, so even though it will be passed on it is a plus. Thus far the Macy’s Beauty Box is shaping up to be a subscription that I want to keep.


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