IPSY Glam Bag Plus March 2021

This was an interesting month for me with IPSY. I liked the items that I received, but I was at the same time very frustrated with them. A few basics. IPSY Glam Bag Plus is a $25 per month beauty subscription. In each bag you receive A drawstring bag that is not really worth mentioning, a card that often has no information on the products inside and five full sized beauty items. Two of the items IPSY chooses for you and three of the items you get to choose for yourself. There ae categories. Choose one offers a selection of products, then you get a different selection of products for choice two and then a third selection of products for choice three. It isn’t just one group you get to pick three items out of. Which makes sense as they are trying to make sure everyone’s bag has the same approximate value. It is just also the source of this month’s frustration.

Let’s start with the two items selected for me.

The first item selected for me was the Ciate London Eye Lustre Creme Eyeshadow in the shade Cupid. I’ve tried the Eye luster before. I actually have one in my collection. It is a silver shimmer whereas this is more silver with pink undertones, so it is nice to have. Incidentally Cate London is having a huge Spring Sale. When I went to get the link for this Eye Luster I saw that it is now available for half the usual price (usually $22 currently $11) and there are many other items on sale as well. If you like Ciate products you might want to check it out. I maybe circling back later today for the mascaras.

It is a lovely shade, but if I remember correctly it does tend to crease a little after a few hours. At least on my hooded eyes. It is an excellent look for the start of a night out though as it is fabulously flashy. I like Ciate products in general and I like having this in my collection.

The second item chosen for me is the MOTD COSMETICS Eye Got It 5 Piece Brush Set. I have several MOTD brushes and one of their face brushes is one I consistently reach for. I have only tried the face brushes but they seem to be of decent quality. I’m not upset about having them and I know I will use them. I say this because of the final selection choice item. I am not unhappy with the brushes. I just think that someone dropped the ball.

If you notice the picture of the brush set, you will noticed that there are two brush sets by MODA in this month’s box. That is because of my third choice tier. In that tier I was offered a selection of products. The only one I had not received in a previous box was a second set of MODA Cosmetics eyeshadow brushes. It is a different set than the one they chose for me, this one being the In A Blush Blending Eye Brush Set, but it is still a set of eye brushes. Now i know that one of the items they featured as having in the Glam Bag Plus this month was the IT Cosmetics brush everyone raves about. While I would have liked that as an option, I would have been happy had they had even a MODA face brush instead of another set of eyeshadow brushes.

As it was the only item I hadn’t received in that category and I didn’t want a second one of the other listed products I chose it. I am sure the brushes are quality since the other brushes I’ve tried of theirs have been and I will be setting aside my Luxie Brushes to test them out, but it was a poor selection that just irritated me.

The first tier is always where the most products I want are located and this month was no different. There were two items I wanted, one was the Kosas Tinted Face Oil Foundation and the other was the Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser. What I ended up doing was choosing the foundation and then buying the Cleanser as an add on. I did it that way because the bag had my foundation shade selected and in add ons you never know what shades will be available. If it wasn’t my shade I would have chosen the Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser and then hoped my shade of foundation was in the Add ons.

I really like the Kosas foundation. It is lightweight and blends beautifully into my skin. I am about half way through the bottle in my dressing table and don’t mind adding a back up to the drawer as I know it will be used. As with the Korres, I have the mask from this line that I really like for my winter dry skin and have high hopes for the cleanser. As I usually have good luck with Korres products I expect it to work well and I am happy to have it waiting for me.

Finally we have the Air Repair Skincare Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer. I tried a sample a while back and liked it so I am not adverse to having it in the full size. I will say though, it was the only selection item in that category that appealed to me.Again, it is a nice item and I am happy to have it. However again the selection was poor.

I think over all that was what irritated me this month. It wasn’t the products I chose, it was the choice itself. I can’t remember the products much from the second tier leading me to choose the moisturizer because I was so irritated by the third tier of selections that the details went right out of my head, but it wasn’t good. To be honest, i would be less irritated if I was unable to make any selection and the entire bag was chosen for me.If they looked at my profile and didn’t offer any repeat items, I wouldn’t be so irritated.

I know it sounds like a lot of complaining since in the end I did get some good products, and I really don’t like complaining, but it was just irritating to see how little thought went into this month’s selections. In the end it really comes down to those brushes. If a face brush, from any brand had been offered instead of another set of eyeshadow brushes and there had been more items that i hadn’t already received so that it actually felt like a choice, I would have been very happy with the bag. I received an excellent foundation, a good moisturizer and I chose to add on a cleanser form a brand I really like for a discounted price. As I have been thinking about picking up the Korres Cleanser for a while now, it was actually nice to be able to pick it up here.

I think the irritation was mostly that they offer a wide selection and brag about their wide selection, but in the end offer very little selection. I think that is my irritation with this bag. The products are fine, it’s just IPSY.

And of course the announcements for May’s Glam Bag X came out. This May’s bag is featuring Khloe Kardashian. To be honest I forgot she became associated with IPSY a while back. It irritated me then and I wasn’t thrilled with the reminder now. I think IPSY buying out BoxyCharm threw it right out of my head. Now, here is the thing. I’ve never really watched the show. I tried an episode and decided it wasn’t for me. I know very little about the family and don’t care to. I have very little opinion of them as people. What I do know is that every photo of the Khloe Kardashian is altered, and from what I’ve seen altered pretty drastically, before release. I think that alone makes her a very poor and somewhat off putting choice for a partnership and it bothers me.

It makes me consider dropping the subscription.

At the same time, one of the products listed as being on the list of items in May is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream which I have been curious about for a long time. So it sort of makes me irritated with myself that I’m willing to temporarily suspend my dislike. It makes me feel bad about myself and a beauty subscription box is not supposed to make you feel bad. It is one of those things that I am going to have to sit down with and have a good long think about to be honest. Especially as IPSY and BoxyCharm are now part of the same group. I will have to determine how off putting I find her association with the brand is and if I can look past it to see the value for the box. I honestly don’t know where I will end up landing on that.

But personal annoyances aside, the products i actually received look to be good ones and I look forward to trying them out. And I hope next month’s selection is a better one.

The Skinstore is having a sale if you are looking to stock up on skincare items. They have a pretty wide selection.


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