Refreshments: March 2021

A few months back IPSY started a subscription called Refreshments. This is a line of bathroom products that you could customize and use to restock your bathroom each month. Last month I received the free introductory bag that included a pack of the Makeup remover wipes and the Luscious Hand Cream in the scent Citrus Spritz.

I’ve been using both all month and I have to say i wasn’t all that impressed. The hand cream smells nice and applies well, but it isn’t anything spectacular. i have many better hand creams in my collection and will not be placing this on reorder.

Likewise the makeup removal wipes were disappointing. They are on the dry side and they aren’t the best at removing makeup. while I have more or less removed disposable wipes from my routine, if I were going to add them back in, this isn’t the brand I would choose to order. It would be convenient to have them sent to me each month, but I think I would rather have something that works a little bit better. At the moment I am sticking with my Makeup Eraser.

Neither of the items made it into this month’s cart. However each month they release a new item. I looked over their list of items and found that a razor with replaceable blades was an option. In the first pack you get the reusable handle, two sets of blades and a suction cup wall mount for the razor. Each subsequent month you just get two replacement blades. The razor is listed at $5. It remains five dollars each month. The handle and suction cup mount is considered a free gift with your first purchase. I’m glad they don’t charge for the handle but i have to laugh at it considered a free gift. what are you going to do with the blades without a handle?

When I received my Refreshments package this month, I was pleasantly surprised. After the first two Refreshments products I recieved, I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much. The handle is metal and quite sturdy looking. It has some heft to it but it isn’t very heavy and it has sort of rubberized nubbies on it to aid with grip in wet situations, like showers.

With tax the monthly set of razors comes to $5.95. There is no shipping fee as it is just sent with the subscription box. As many of you may know, I have been trying out several shaving subscriptions over the past year. Some have been better than others. one thing i have found out is that I prefer metal handles with rubberized grips that don’t slip and that I generally go through two sets of blades each month. Which, it I like the shave I get, sort of makes this an ideal subscription for me.

The trick is of course, the shave.

I’ll have to get back to you on that. At the moment I do like that the subscription is completely customizable. The items are supposed to arrive mid month (which this one did) and you can sign up for the frequency on the IPSY page under the Refreshments tab. There you can decided how often you want each item sent to you. You can choose any items on the list you want and the cost of each is clearly marked beside the item so that you know exactly how much you will be charged. Any changes you make have to be done before the end of the month because like the other IPSY subscriptions it charges to your account on the first of the month.

For now I am happy to give this razor a try and if I like it to leave the blades on continuous restock. Before next month I will have to see how I feel about the other items on offer. Perhaps I will add them or perhaps i will just stick with my razor blades. I’ll let you know what I end up deciding.

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