This week’s hair mask: Prenup from IGK

Have you ever had a moment where you are really excited by a product and are enjoying using it and then when you go to look it up on line you find out that it has been discontinued?

That is the feeling I feel right now. 

In March’s Boxycharm Premium box, I received the IGK Prenup Instant Spray hair mask.  IGK is a brand I have used quite a lot of.  Their Mistress leave in conditioner was, for a long time, my go to product.  It was the conditioner I compared all others to. 

I have since branched out and while I have several IGK products I am finishing out, there are other brands and products that I find I enjoy just as much if not more.  So I haven’t really looked in on IGK for a while.  When this instant spray mask came in my box I was intrigued.  I had not heard of it and thought it might be a newer product.  I was also curious about a spray in hair mask.

While I may occasionally use a hair mask during the week if I feel my hair needs a bit of help, typically I use a hair mask every saturday as part of my weekly haircare routine. I like treating my hair once a week to a little extra love and as I have has tome really good masks that I’ve tried out, I think my hair likes it.

So this weekend I I decided to use the IGK Prenup Instant Spray Hair mask

It was fantastic.

It is very fine mist that smells like a high end hair salon.  It is easy to spray in the shower with wet hands.  There is no fumbling with jars or packets.  It is the easiest to apply hair mask I have ever used. 

And when my hair was dried, it felt silky soft and like I had just had a nice treatment done to it. So I was all set to look up the details of the ingredients and see if I could figure out why my hair liked it so much.

The Prenup Instant hair mask isn’t even listed on the site anymore. To actually find a listing for it, I had to do a deep dive into the Lovely Skin website (not that I mind that, I like poking around on Lovely Skin, I almost always find something I like and a lot of my skin care purchases come from their site, and some non-skincare purchases too). However here it is where I found out that the product is discontinued. (and where the links will take you since it was the only place on line that I could find it listed.)

They were happy to recommend another product, which I’m sure is wonderful, but it was a hair mask in the traditional tube.  It was not a spray on mask and I think that is what made this one special.  It did wonderful things for my hair, but so do a lot of other masks.  The fact that I could dispense this mask with just a quick spray and that it was so light on the hair made it more of a unique piece.

And so I was sad that it was no longer available and to be honest somewhat annoyed with Boxycharm for sending discontinued products. While I love trying new things from subscription boxes, part of the reason is to try them, decide how I feel about them and then if I like them purchase the item and add it to my routine. While I am glad I got to try the product, it also makes me feel a little duped and to be honest, taunted. 

“Here’s this product to try.  Oh you like it?  Well, too bad because you can never have it again.”

I’m sure you know exactly the taunting voice and mocking laughter that needs to accompany those lines, I’ll let you add them yourself.

I know, I probably should have left off this review but it kind of irked me so I went ahead and posted it, even though it is for a discontinued product, just in case anyone is curious.  I have no idea about the full ingredients list as the list was taken off the website, and the product itself is discontinued.  However it was a really nice product and if you do come across it, maybe at TJMaxx or Marshalls, I recommend picking it up and giving it a try. It is well worth using.  Just be aware it has been discontinued and that may be your only chance to use the Prenup Instant Spray Hair Mask from IGK.

Incidentally though the Spring Renewal sale at Lovely Skin starts today and you can get up to 20% off most brands so if there is an item you’ve been stalking for a while it might be a good time to peek in and see if it is available.

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