The Daily: March 31st, 2021

Power! At the moment I have it. It is a flickering thing though so I am going to keep today’s post very short. April rain may bring May showers but March’s rain brings fallen trees and downed power lines. we lost power for a large chunk of the day

. Outside there are large trucks and teams of people trying their best. All the rain loosened the earth and trees that weren’t as firmly anchored as one might expect have decided to hit the ground like fainting victorian ladies. As one lovely tree in my neighbors yard hit the ground all of the pink and white petals fluttered like snow. Considering the temperatures are about to plummet (according to the weather man) I hope it isn’t a sign of things to come.

My tulips finally flowered and I would like to keep them. Last year the rabbits thought they looked like lovely little treats and nipped them off the stems so the fact that they have stayed on the stems this year is kind of amazing. well some of them stayed on the stems. three have been chewed off by the fluffy bunny brigade. I;m hoping the freeze doesn’t do them in.

I may spend the afternoon working on figuring out how to protect them. I spent most of the morning contemplating the slowly thawing freezer. Meals may be interesting for a bit. With thunder and lightning rolling in again, the lights are flickering and the sounds of buzz saws outside are momentarily silenced. I think I am going to call it a day and end this post.

the gym was closed as they lost power and walking was clearly not an option. Thus far calories are on point but dinner may be on the interesting side. with luck normality may be restored in the morning. Okay thunder rattling windows. I’ll catch you up tomorrow. Stay safe my darlings.

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