Foundation Review: No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation with SPF 15

As you know, I love testing new foundations. Or at least new to me foundations. There are so many foundations out there. And while occasionally I will catch one at first release, often I see the release and then mentally bookmark it as something to try later on. Sometimes it takes me a while to work my way around to it.

I started my foundation quest because the foundation I was using at the time finished and I found it had been discontinued. I have long since found many other foundations I really enjoy using so that I can rotate through products and not worry too badly if one of them gets discontinued as I am not focused entirely on one favorite. What I have also found is that I really enjoy a wide variety of products. Foundations come in all sorts of formulas and textures as well as coverage levels and I find that somedays I just prefer one formula over another.

I kind of like having the variety.

I still intend to keep the number of products to a level where I can actually see some progress in the container so that I don’t have millions of products hanging around. Not that there aren’t a million products I want to try, I just want to be able to use the products instead of waste them. So I am trying to be selective about when I add new foundations to my dressing table to try. I added the No7 Lift & Luminate TRIPLE ACTION  Serum because I noticed that while I have quite a large number of tinted moisturizers, I really don’t have a lot of actual foundations. Plus when I passed this on the shelf I looked, said “Oh that looks nice” and even though I wasn’t intending to buy foundation it magically ended up in my cart.


pump top

Given how much I adore the No7 Perfect Light pressed powder, I knew it was only a matter of time before I branched out into other products and I am happy to try this foundation. According to the No 7 Website the No7 Lift & Luminate TRIPLE ACTION  Serum


Formulated with the clinically proven anti-aging ingredients from our No7 Lift & Luminate TRIPLE ACTION  Serum, this foundation instantly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles,  skin looks firmer and appears more even.  Skin is left with a radiant, more healthy-looking glow.

  • Optical blurrers and light-reflecting particles instantly minimize the appearance of the signs of skin aging by reflecting light away from fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 15 protects skin from the aging effects of the sun.
  • Flexible formula moves with skin and doesn’t migrate into fine lines and wrinkles

If you look at the ingredients list you will see that Caprylyl methicone is the second ingredient. Generally speaking if the second or third ingredient in your foundation ends in either cone or siloxane. Its a quick way to see if you are dealing with a water or silicone based foundation. I know some people try to avoid the silicone based foundations. Personally, I like both. The only thing to remember is that like goes with like. If you are going to use a silicone based foundation, then go with a silicone based primer. And if using a water based foundation, go with a water based primer.

While some can be mixed, the two products often separate from each other and that’s not really good for anyone. There are of course oil based products as well, in both foundations and primers. In general I find it best to avoid attempting to mix oil and water. If you’ve ever made salad dressing, you know, you can shake it all you want, the moment you stop, there will be some separation. While this has significantly less shaking, there is a separation.

I do have an oil based foundation that I like. I generally find that if I use a primer where the silicone element is really far down the list, meaning it is in small concentration, then it will usually be fine with an oil based foundation. I don’t think I actually know of an oil based primer. I might have to look into that.

But that is not now. Now is the time for the No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation. With the name serum in the title, I thought it would be a thinner consistency. It is a thicker almost mousse like consistency when dispensed on the hand. While unexpected, I have to admit I really did like the way it blended into the skin. The thickness, spread out so I really needed only two pumps to achieve maximum coverage. The foundation felt weightless on my skin and played well with the primers I chose (i chose silicone based primers, but i used a different one each time I applied the foundation and I used primers I was familiar with). There was no issue with any of the primers.

I was very pleased with the way it applied. Now I do want to say something about the sunscreen element in the foundation. while I like having SPF in my foundation as a sort of extra bonus, I still wear sunscreen underneath it. The SPF 15 in this foundation is not a replacement for the Spf I apply at the end of my skincare routine. Not only is my sunscreen (favorite Prismatic Luminous Shield by Volition Beauty) SPF 50 but to get the full sunscreen protection in a foundation, you have to apply a lot of product to your face. If you want a really good visual representation of this I highly recommend checking out Wayne Goss’s Video: This is How much Foundation You Need Daily (if relying on the SPF in your foundation as sunscreen). It is not something you will soon forget.

The SPF in this foundation is a nice little bonus and I like it, but it is not something to rely on.

I would say this coverage falls right into my sweet spot of medium coverage. I like being able to see a few of my dominant freckles though the foundation. In fact I kind of freaks me out when i can’t. I think that is why I don’t really care for full coverage foundations. I lose some of the visual markers that make me feel like me.

This was a very good medium coverage foundation though. While blemishes, red and dark spots, were covered, I could still see some of my dominant freckles. But this foundation isn’t just about coverage. It is about covering those pesky fine lines. It is supposed to have a flexible formula that moves with the skin and doesn’t sink in and emphasize fine lines. I have to say i was very pleased with how it performed over the course of a day.

I took these pictures one of the days I wore the foundation. They were taken about twelve hours apart. Yes, my hair has been pulled back and the light is different as I took the first photo in natural light and the other after dark in my bathroom. But I think you can see that the foundation held up really well. Clearly it has worn down a bit as my freckles are more pronounced and I am a bit shinier.

While I didn’t powder my nose on this day, I did spend a lot of time with a mask on, so I’m not entirely certain the shine is just from normal wear or if the mask rubbed some of it off. Usually I do touch up my face with powder mid day, on this day I didn’t so there is extra shine and I was wearing a mask, and to top it off this was the day I wore the foundation for the longest. I know lots of foundations tout 36 hour coverage, but to be quite honest, I don’t usually wear my make up that long at a stretch. Generally if I am up for 36 hours strait it probably isn’t my makeup I’m worrying about.

Twelve hours was somewhat of a stretch for me as eight to occasionally ten is kind of my limit of foundation wear time. It was also why I chose this day to photograph as it was kind of an extreme wear test for me. Unless something extraordinarily unexpected happens, this is about the limit of time I would expect a foundation to work on me.

And to be honest, I am perfectly happy with the way this foundation wore during that twelve hours. There was some wear obviously, but lines were not emphasized and I still felt like I looked okay. I very much enjoyed the No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation. I purchased it at Target for $15.99. I know that if you order from the No 7 Website, new customers can get 20% off their first purchase which kind of makes a good , affordable drug store option even more affordable. Plus right now they have an extra Fresh and Fabulous set (value $22) for those who spend $59 or more on the site. AND they are having a Friends and Family Sale which you might want to check out (I’ll put useful links below). In makeup, I highly recommend both my favorite Perfect Light pressed powder and this Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation. I think this is a drug store option I am going to keep around for a while.

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2 thoughts on “Foundation Review: No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Serum Foundation with SPF 15

  1. I love N 7 lift illuminate serum foundation. I have been using it for the last 5 years. I have great skin it’s the Irish in me. I hope you continue to use it but I’m glad you use all different products I can learn from you.


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