Testing out the Ciate London Eye Luster Cream Eyeshadows

I will admit, I am not a makeup artist. I am probably the farthest thing from a makeup artist. I am just someone who likes playing around with makeup. And quite frankly, there are a lot more of us non professionals than there are professionals. There are certain products though that I approach with a certain amount of caution because they seem like you probably need professional level skill to deal with properly.

For me liquid eyeshadows have always sort of fallen into that realm. I can play around with shadows and feel confident that I will eventually come up with something i like. Most of my looks tend to be toned down and in the professional range because the reality is that I spend a lot more of my times in meetings than I do attending parties. but I do like to play around, especially when I am not expected to look professional. Thats when the wild colors, glitter and shine come out.

While I am fine with powder and cream, it is the liquid shadows that I am hesitant with. I have a couple of the Stila liquid shadows and I tend to use them at new years, or forget I own them. I really want to get more comfortable with them so I am making an effort to at the very least play with them over the weekends, so you may see them appearing more and more often (especially as I think my Stila ones are drying out).

To start with I tried the Ciate London Eye Luster Cream shadows. The one with the Gold cap came in a recent IPSy I believe. The one in the black cap I have had for a while and can’t remember where I got it. the packaging is slightly different so it may be old packaging. The newer one is called Cupid (gold lid) and I can not find a shade name or number on the one with the black lid.

The black lidded one is the top swatch and Cupid is the lower. For lack of an official name, I am just going to call the top one silver. In the new shades I think it matches the one called Ice. Both of these shadows performed the exact same way so even if the packaging changed, the product did not.

For my first use I attempted an all over the lid look to see how maximum coverage came out. I also used a dark powder shadow underneath to see how well it played with powder shadows since realistically, I will be wearing it in conjunction with a powder shadow. I tend to use shimmers as accents not all over the lid shades, but I extended the accent so to speak for this trial.

When I first applied it, I blinked while it was still wet. I have hooded eyes so there was an immediate line across the lid. I tried again and fanned the eye until dry. Confident that the lid was dry I blinked a bit and moved on to the second eye. If I let it dry, there were no lines and the shadow did give me decent coverage.

Throughout the day as the shadow continued to dry I ended up with little flakes of glitter decorating my cheeks. It was clear that the shadow wore away where my lids rubbed but for the most part it still looked okay. My cheeks were a bit on the shiny side. While I liked the color, as the shadow dried my lid started to itch so it was really hard not to rub my eyes. When I did, my knuckle came away with glitter and the shadow was no longer on my eye.

It was kind of the itching that got me. On other attempts at using the shadow I used it as accent marks. I dotted it on the inner corner in a true small dot and it looked great with no itchiness and no flaking. I used a small angled brush to play around with using it as a liner, both over and under the eyes. It worked well and there was no itching or fall out.

I think that is the trick with this eye luster. It isn’t really meant to guild the entire eye in color. Don’t get me wrong I love the shade cupid and if it had some of the glitter removed and it was just a cream eyeshadow I would definitely try using it across the lids. I just think that the glitter filled cream doesn’t do terribly well across large expanses of lid. This is an accent color. It looks good on the lid, but it doesn’t feel all that spectacular. Which is kind of interesting as I have a potted shadow topper from Ciate that I absolutely love all over the lids. This is a formula I will reach for to do the inner corner and to use as a shining liner, not is an all over lid shade. I like having it around, but it is also nice to know when I can reach for it and when i need to pass it by. Ovr all I am happy to have these Eye Lusters from Ciate in my collection. While they might not be for everyday wear, I am now confident enough that I can use just a dot or a dash here and there to brighten up a look while still looking appropriately professional. There will of course still be more playing around.

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