Using the ESPA Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Cleansing Hand Spray

This ESPA Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Cleansing Hand Spray was an interesting product to try and review as I had to spend a lot of time chasing it down so that I could use it.  From the first spray to test the scent my babydoll loved it.  Eucalyptus is one of his favorite scents and it is strongly scented in the eucalyptus scent range.  There is some tea tree oil there as well, but it is mostly eucalyptus.

The term cleansing hand spray could be slightly confusing so let’s look at what the ESPA site says about the product before we get into performance.

An alcohol-based cleansing hand spray that is infused with a luxurious blend of pure essential oils, including Eucalyptus and Tea Tree. It contains 60% alcohol, and is a quick-drying, no-rinse formula which makes it perfectly suitable for busy lifestyles.

Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Oil, Linalool, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Limonene, Fragrance* (Parfum), Geraniol. *100% Natural Fragrance.

ESPA Skincare

The full sized version of this product is 50 ml and retails for $12.We have the deluxe sample that contains 35 ml.  It is, simply put a hand sanitizer.  I know several of you are looking at that and thinking so, I have a lot of hand sanitizers.  I understand.  If I were to round up all the bottles from the various rooms, purses, and cars I would probably have a bucket full of them myself.  The thing is that while most hand sanitizers dry out your skin and leave you reaching for the hand cream.  This actually leaves your hands feeling moisturized.

Denatured alcohol, we all know is very good at killing germs.  It is also really good and drying out the skin.  This is why it is one of the ingredients I look for an avoid in my skin care.  With hand sanitizer it isn’t possible to pick one out without it, the denatured alcohol is sort of the point of the product.  If you remove it, you no longer have hand sanitizer.

The ESPA Cleansing Hand Spray seems to have the right balance between denatured alcohol and moisturizing oils.  It sprays on like any hand sanitizer.  The mist is very fine so it is easy to cover your hands. As always, you rub your hands together after spraying to make certain everything is covered. 

You do not get the cooling sensation as the alcohol evaporates. I’m sure it is there and that it kills the germs, but it isn’t the overriding sensation.  As you rub your hands together the oils absorb into your skin.  I managed to gain control of the ESPA Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Cleansing Hand Spray for a full week.  During that time I used it several times each day and skipped my hand cream chaser. 

At the end of the week my hands felt smooth and moisturized instead of desiccated and cracked. I was very impressed.  At no point did they feel oily or greasy.

My only issue is the scent.  It is very strong.  When you spray it, the spray is sort of a eucalyptus bomb.  However, the scent doesn’t last long on the skin.  A minute after spraying and it was barely detectable on my hands.  There was a trace on the back of my hands, but not on the palms but after a minute more even that faded.  It lingers in the air a little bit longer, but not by much.  It is a strong scent, but not an overpowering or long lasting one, which I appreciate. 

I especially appreciate that it is a product my babydoll is willing to use.  As I mentioned, he loves the scent of eucalyptus.  He is also using hand sanitizer several times a day.  He has dry skin in general and rarely remembers to use any moisturizers.  He has his Cerave that he puts on his few spots of eczema, but he won’t moisturize anywhere else.  It sort of drives me crazy and it is also why I make sure he has moisturizing soap in the shower.  Thank goodness he likes the scent of the Dr. Squatch soaps as they have really saved his skin.

Moisturizing is an ongoing battle.

His hands have taken a beating with the extra washing and the hand sanitizers though and so as much as I really like the ESPA Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Cleansing Hand Spray, I let him talk me into giving it to him.  He feels like he won a victory and now gets the “fancy” thing he likes the scent of and I worry less about his hands.  As the full size is only $12 I have gone ahead and ordered the full size of this spray.  Actually, I ordered two.  One my babydoll will take to work with him and the other will stay in the house.  With luck I’ll actually get to use some of it myself.

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