I’ll be honest, I tend to forget to review bath products like I should. I use a wide variety of them and like everything else I try I have a definite opinion about them. I’ll use the product, whether it is a shower gel like this one or one of Zent’s Bath truffles and I will think, I really should remember to review this. But then i don’t.

It isn’t as though I’m keeping secrets it is just that with products like this the sensory experience is so very important. When I am looking at Shower Gel, I want a fresh clean from it. I want a pleasant but not overpowering scent, and one that doesn’t linger too long after the shower. I don’t want it to compete with the scents of other products. I Like a moisturizing shower gel but i still want to feel clean and not like i have just added moisturizer to my skin.

I know it isn’t a long list, but it is a little on the picky side.

So let’s look at Andalou Naturals. This particular Citrus Sunflower Uplifting Shower Gel came to me in a Petit Vour Box. If you are looking to try out an array of clean beauty products I highly recommend the Petit Vour subscription box. It leans heavily towards skin care but has the occasional makeup item. In addition it goes wide on the skin care range. You will still get moisturizers oils and serums but you will also get body products like natural deodorant and shower gel.

Clear gel just out of the bottle

I’ll admit, I’ve seen the Andalou Naturals products before but never picked them up. They are sold in my local Publix and I pass the shelves every time I do my shopping. I never picked them up though. I think it is because the container reminds me of a bad shampoo I tried in the early nineties. I think because of the similarity of packaging and my avoidance of the other product I avoided this by association.

Which was wrong.

And I am going to work on correcting this.

since this Citrus and Sunflower Shower Gel was here, I went ahead and tried it. I think in the back of my mind I was still braced for the bad shampoo.

(In case you were wondering there was some ingredient in the shampoo that I was allergic to and not only did I get a rash on my scalp and my hands, but anywhere the suds touched as I rinsed my hair out. It was an unpleasant experience and one I hope never to repeat.)

It has nothing in common with the bad shampoo other than a slight packaging design resemblance. According to the website…

This skin conditioning gel blends emollient rich rosehip and argan oils with coconut water and gentle cleansing botanicals for fresh, healthy looking skin. Uplifting citrus sunflower delights the senses as superfruit antioxidants and ultra-hydrating aloe vera help protect and uplift skin’s moisture barrier for an invigorating, all-over body treatment.

Andalou Naturals

It is also a vegan formula with certified organic and fair trade ingredients.

the scent is very light, so if you have issues with scented products, Andalou Naturals might be a brand to look into. There is a slight citrusy note but it is barely there. While I have grown sunflowers I honestly can’t remember a scent coming from the flowers. Most scent I have associated with the sunflower is with the toasting of the seeds which brings out the light scent of the oil. i don’t remember the flowers having much of a scent. I will certainly double check this year as I have several sunflowers planted (hopefully to grow).

Foamy with just a little rubbing

If there is a scent, I did not detect it.

The gel is clear when applied to the bath sponge. It foams up quite well. In fact i was really impressed with it’s foaming capacity. I know it probably shouldn’t matter but i really like a foaming shower gel. I think it was because when i was little my Dad explained that shampoo and soap worked by sucking the dirt into the bubbles and carrying it down the drain. And so I have in the back of my head that bubbles mean clean.

There are plenty of bubbles and I really didn’t need to use a lot of product to get them A quarter sized amount was enough to wash me completely.

And it was a very clean wash. I didn’t feel like anything was left on my skin as you can sometimes get with moisturizing shower gels. At the same time, My skin didn’t feel like it was being stripped of all the good oils my body needs to stay hydrated. I’m sure the Uplifting part of the name has to do with the citrus scent, but really, scent is not an issue with this product. The scents are light and barely there and once the suds are rinsed away you only have clean smelling skin left. There are no heavy perfumes remaining. Just clean moisturized skin.

I was very impressed with this Andalou Naturals Shower Gel to be honest. It gave me everything that I wanted and nothing that I didn’t. In addition it made me feel good with the organic and fair trade elements. Not only will I be purchasing this in a full size when I have worked my way through my current collection of Shower Gels, but i will be dipping further into the Andalou Naturals section in my local Publix store.

I like ordering items online, and in fact I tend to order most of my items online, however I also like to have a list of products that I can trust to work well and that i can pick up in a pinch when I have unexpectedly run out or have company coming. This Andalou Naturals Shower Gel has definitely made it onto that list. Hopefully other products from the brand will prove equally fantastic. I’ll keep you posted.

Andalou Naturals

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