Unboxing the April 2021 BoxyCharm Premium Box

It has arrived!  My BoxyCharm premium.  This month it was a bit of a struggle.  There was no news for a long time, no tracking, no e-mails.  I texted the help line and the next day I received a tracking number as my box finally left the warehouse.  After that, it fairly sped through the system to arrive on my doorstep.

Everything arrived safe and sound.  This month we were allowed to choose two items for the premium box.  The first Item I chose was the Wander Beauty Do Not Disturb Over Night Repair Concentrate

I have been looking for a good night cream for a while and have had mixed results.  I’ve only tried out Wander Beauty’s makeup and never their skincare.  So even though we have been well stocked on skincare from subscriptions, this is not a category I have a lot of product in and I wanted to try Wander Beauty’s skin care, so That’s why I chose it.

The second item I chose was the Nars Blush in Angelika. What can I say?  I like blush and I really like NARS.  For me it was a no brainer.  The only issue was that I couldn’t pick multiple blushes and had to choose one color. But now I have a new blush.

Blush swatch

I also have a new primer.  I received the Marc Jacobs Under Cover Blurring Primer. And you know how much I love a good primer.  Plus I really do like Marc Jacobs Products. Again another win for me and quite frankly something I was very excited about. 

I will say the excitement continued when I opened the Eloise Beauty Rose Gold TearDrop brush.  I mean just look at that.  How stinkin’ pretty is that?  Very is the answer.  And that is the type of foundation brush I prefer.  It kind of reminds me of my 999 Master blender. 

It has a different shape but the same sort of dense bristles.  And I like having more than one foundation brush to rely on.  Hopefully this one will perform as well as it looks.  If so I will be thrilled.  I know this came up in a past Luxe Box and it was one of the items that made me wish I was signed up for the Luxe box.  I am actually really thrilled to have it here. 

Speaking of seeing before, I received the 111 Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment masks (5 Pack).  I received this set last year or maybe the year before.  I can’t remember the month, but I did receive them.  I am also now down to my last mask. 

They are a bit heavy so you have to lay down when you wear them to keep them from sliding off, but they are worth it.  My skin always feels so soft and hydrated after wearing them.  While never thrilled by a repeat, I can’t say I am sorry to have another pack.  I will definitely use them and I already know I enjoy them.

The final item in my boxycharm Premium this moth was the Dose of Colors Eyeliner.   And guess what.  It is not a black eyeliner.  I repeat, it is not a black eyeliner.  It is green.  As I currently have enough black eyeliners to draw a line around the country I am very happy that it isn’t black. 

A non-black eyeliner

I look forward to trying out the formula and I have to say it is a very pretty looking liner. I also have to admit it took me a while to figure out that you didn’t twist to get the product out but just pulled off the cap.  Yeah, it kind of took me longer to figure that out than it should have. But for those playing with it, the pointy end is a cap.

I have to say I was thrilled with this month’s Boxy Charm Premium.  I think it might actually have been the best box I received this month.  I love that it leaned into makeup more than skin care.  Don’t get me wrong, I love skin care, but the past year it seemed that every box was heavy with skin care. 

It is nice to see some makeup again.  And really the makeup was NARS, Marc Jacobs and Dose of Colors.  So brands I know and love and products I can’t wait to play with.  Boxy Charm may have been slow out of the gate this month, but they certainly finished with a bang.  Fabulous box this month Boxy Charm, two thumbs, way up.

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