The Daily: April 28th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. Today my Wednesday workout came with a side of drama. In the gym there was very terse conversation between two gentlemen regarding equipment cleaning. Apparently one believed the other did not clean properly. There was even a small demonstration as to how machines should be cleaned. It was a very odd lecture to hear from a large and very sweaty man.

I think my favorite aspect was that after he was done and everything went back to normal the woman next to me said: “and I can’t even get my husband to pick up his socks.”

when I tried to leave there was some sort of incident in the business next door. It involved an ambulance and fire truck, although I don’t think the fire truck was actually necessary as there didn’t seem to be a fire. It did more or less shut down the parking lot for a while so I went in to use the treadmill until they were cleared away. I didn’t see the end result but I hope everyone was okay.

So I ended up spending a little more time at the gym than expected. In the grand scheme of things it isn’t a bad thing. As long as whoever needed the ambulance turns out to be okay. My schedule just got slightly bent. I can live with that. Most of my life seems a bit bent at the moment anyway.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Marc Jacobs Undercover Blurfection Primer

Foundation: Catrice HD Liquid Coverage

Blush/Bronze/Highlighter: Real Her Ultimate Glow Getter Cheek Trio

Powder: No7 Perfect Light Pressed powder

Mascara: Tarte Gifted Mascara

Lips: bareMinerals Gen Nude Liquid Gloss in the shade Pout

Eyeshadow: Combination of the Cargo Swimmables Shadow Stick and the Cargo Cosmetics Palette Chill in the Six

Today was interesting with the makeup. The primer worked well and I think I will be reaching for it often. So go Marc Jacobs! The Marc Jacobs sale is still going on so if you are interested you might want to click the above link and see if the things you like are offered at a discount.

The Catrice Foundation I haven’t used in a while and quite frankly I forgot I had. I really shouldn’t as I really like the way it applies. I know I tend to say that about every foundation that I pull from the drawer but the truth is that if after a week of use I don’t like a foundation, I get rid of it. I see no reason to keep products that I don’t like using around. If it doesn’t work well for me after a respectable trial, I pass it on to a friend. During that time I make certain that droppers and dispensers don’t come into contact with my face. I tend to put foundation on my hand and then apply from there anyway, but i make sure everything is clean and wiped down with anti-bacterial cloth before passing it along. But if I don’t like it, it doesn’t go back in the drawer. It has been a while since I purchased a new foundation so I have used and like all that I have. I just forgot about this one and how much I like it. For me Catrice is an odd brand. It is an affordable brand but for me the products are a bit hit or miss. Some of the ones I’ve tried were really bad misses, but the hits end up being really good for me. This Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation was definitely a hit for me. The only problem I have with it is that by about noon I need a lunch time pat down with the powder to knock back the shine in my T-zone. It isn’t major, but a quick pat does the trick.

I love the No 7 Powder. It is in fact my go to powder but I have been trying to remember to use others so I don’t just plow through multiple compacts of the No 7. The Real Her Glow Getter Cheek Trio has certainly seen some love from me. All three products are starting to show the indent of the pan through them. There is no metal visible yet, but I know it is coming soon. And I know I will use every drop of the bareMinerals Gen Nude lip. It is such a nice subtle color that I can use when going neutral or to balance out a bold eye. Incidentally many of bareMinerals lippies are on sale right now. Not all of them though so you have to poke around a bit on the site. I did see that there was a duo of liquid lips usually selling for $20 now on sale for $12 so it is a pretty decent sale for the ones that are selling. You might want to poke around and see it they have your color up for sale if you are looking to stock up.

And speaking of eyes, todays were a bit of a mess. They were fine by the time i took the photos but getting to fine was a journey. and also why the up close is a little messy. I am currently testing the Cargo Swimmables Shadow Stick and today I decided to test it with powder shadows. I have a couple of Cargo palettes so I decided to try it with one of them. I chose the Chill in the Six which is a wintery, sort of palette with blues and purples. It really is a stunning palette. The darker shades of Ontario and Hockey can be a little patchy and need a little finesse but it is worth it for the rest of the palette. I really enjoy using this palette. I tend to reach for the more neutral shades but given the almost smokey blue of the shadow stick I went towards the purple side of the palette, using both Ontario and Hockey today. There were issues with the shadow stick. It did not want to play with the powders. I tried it on before the powders and it was quite bad. I tried it after the powders and again not great. In the end I went with just the Shadow palette and set the shadow stick to the side. They just weren’t playing well together and needed time apart.

In the end everything was fine. It just took me twice as long to work through as usual. And as I haven’t played with this palette in a while, it was fun to play with. Not what I had planned for today, but still fun.

Mother’s day is fast approaching. Have you done your shopping? If not you might what to pop by the igourmet site and have a peek at their Mother’s day Gift Guide. From wine and cheese to candy and chocolate, they have you covered. They even have a breakfast in bed tray as one of their basket set ups. As breakfast in bed was always one of the things we did for mom growing up, that has a special appeal to me. Over all, they have a great selection of specially curated mother’s day gift baskets designed to make anyone feel special. I highly recommend checking them out.

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