Using the La Roche Posay Toleriane Purifying Foaming Cleanser

Cleanser is one of those skin care categories that is always there. I may forget to add my vitamin C or decide to skip my toner, but every morning and every night, I wash my face. I tend to do a double cleanse, removing my makeup with one product before I actually move into the daily cleanser.

So while this La Roche Posay Toleriane Purifying Face Cleanser does remove dirt and makeup, I tend to use it to remove the last traces rather than apply on top of a full face of makeup. I like for my toner pads to be as clean as possible when I use them post cleansing. And this certainly does the trick.

It is also mild enough that if I come back from the gym and a quick splash of water just won’t do it for me, I can use this mid day and not worry about overly washing my skin.

Creamy on damp skin

While it is a foaming cleanser, it comes out of the pump in a liquid form. What I really like is that the liquid is thick and you only need one pump to wash your entire face. When applied to the skin it actually applies like a cream. If you look at the picture you can see that you can apply it to your face and see where the cleanser is, making sure to get your entire face, without having it drip off.

I know that sounds like a weird thing to like, but I really do like that. I like knowing that i didn’t miss a spot. The foaming part comes with the water added on top of it. (I tried to get a picture of this but the bubbles kept sliding off). With the ability to make certain that I covered every spot and the foaming taking the dirt away with the bubbles, I always feel like I am getting a good clean.

With cleansers I always feel a little off when talking about ingredients. There are some, like salicylic acid that are great for breakouts and can, if over used, dry out your skin, however for the most part, cleansers don’t stay on your skin all that long and while I appreciate that the ingredients are in there, I am never really sure they are doing too much given the length of time they are on the skin.

Foamy with water

Having said that, this cleanser does have niacinamides, which I do like in my skin care, and like more the older I get. Niacinamides help build keratin to keep skin firm and smooth. I don’t know how effective they are in a cleanser, but I like the thought of them there. If you have a sensitivity to them, just keep in mind that they are there and that might not make this cleanser for you. I also like that it is sulfate free and fragrance free as even if I may wonder about the effectiveness of the ingredients, I do know that repeated use of fragrance can cause sensitivity and I am not a big fan of sulfates. Although I shouldn’t be surprised it isn’t in here. Toleriane is a line that is designed to be used for sensitive skin and specifically avoids using many allergens. While I am not overly sensitive, because of the gym I do wash my face more and find that the sensitive skin formulas do really help me out with preventing me from overdoing it while rinsing off the workout.

For me this La Roche Posay Toleriane Purifying Foaming Facial Cleanser is one that I return to quite often. While I do often order it from the La Roche Posay site, I like that it is also a cleanser that I can pick up at both Target and Walgreens if I need to. As I mentioned at the beginning, I may skip out on a toner or serum here and there, but I always use a cleanser. Occasionally I have run out when I thought I had a back up waiting in the drawer or I’ll try a product that just doesn’t work for me and needs to be swapped out immediately. I like having a cleanser I know will work for my skin available in a place I can easily run out to if need be. I still tend to order on line, but if necessary i can pick it up locally. It is definitely an extra perk.

Also a perk is the price. A 400 ml bottle of this cleanser is $14.99. I find this to be a pretty decent price for a cleanser in general. However, one pump is all that you need to wash your face each time and if you look at the top picture I have used about a third of the bottle in six weeks of steady use. That means each bottle i can get a solid 18 weeks worth of use from, which isn’t too shabby. Effectiveness, gentleness, price and availability all combine to make this a cleanser I will repeatedly purchase.

La Roche-Posay- ACD

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