Marc Jacobs Under (cover) Blurring Coconut Face Primer

For the last two weeks I have been using the Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Blurring Coconut Face primer. You know I love a good primer. And most of you know that I am very scent oriented. Many of you may recall that I find the scent of coconut to be okay, but not super fabulous. well that isn’t entirely true. I like the scent of actual coconuts and I don’t have any issues with the coconut water based products because any coconut scent in them is light and natural. The coconut I have issues with is the faux overly sweet coconut scent that many coconut scented products seem to have.

It makes me feel like i am smearing coconut cream pie on my face.

Like I’m in a bad 1950s comedy sketch.

While there might be some amusement in that, it isn’t a feeling I want daily.

nozzle detail

And with this Marc Jacobs Primer I didn’t get it. I’ll admit, I was afraid I would. It’s why despite seeing many Marc Jacobs items in Boxypop up I haven’t picked them up. Recently all of the ones appearing have had the word coconut in the name. Even though I tend to adore Marc Jacobs products, it was the coconut that prevented me from swooping in. The coconut in this was light and fresh and faded almost immediately.

I could smell it when I opened the tube and when I first dispensed it onto my hand but once it was on my hand the scent went away almost immediately. Most of the time, I could forget the coconut if I wanted. I know that those coconut lovers out there might be disappointed, but this is good news for those of us who either don’t care for coconut saturation or who are scent sensitive.

Don’t let the coconut in the name deter you.

But as important as it is, scent is not everything. This is after all a primer, not a perfume.

So what is the target goal of this primer? well according to Marc Jacobs…

Product (far too much to use in one sitting)

Under(cover) Blurring Coconut Face Primer acts like a perfecting filter for your skin while extending makeup wear with the nourishing feel of coconut. It glides on effortlessly to blur the look of imperfections and smooth away the look of pores and fine lines.

It controls shine without making skin feel dry or overly matte. This multi-use primer creates a perfectly prepped canvas for foundation, helping it to apply smoothly and blend easily. It can also be worn alone for a soft-focus, healthy look on no-makeup makeup days. With its smoothing, lightweight formula with 5 forms of coconut, it is ideal for priming normal to oily skin types. The universal shade is invisible and looks undetectably flawless with no chalky, white cast on all skin tones.


Marc Jacobs Website

The product looks whitish when first dispensed but as soon as applied it goes invisible. I had no visible residue on my skin from it. It is a very slippy primer and if you look in the ingredients list you do see our good buddies the Cones first in line on the list. This is most definitely a silicone primer. And it feels like one.

To me this isn’t a bad thing, you just have to remember the basics.

no white cast or chalky look

First, like goes with like. I only used silicone and oil based foundations while testing it. I don’t have too many water based foundations in my collection at the moment but I did give them a pass while testing this primer out. There is no reason to set a product up for failure.

Second, a little goes a long way. I know there is a lot of product on my hand in the photo, but that is for illustrative purposes only. Less than half of that is what you need, or at least what I needed. If you use too much your foundation just sort of slides right off regardless of what foundation you use. A little is your friend, a lot does nothing but waste product.

Finally third, don’t rush the product. Apply your primer and then give it a minute to settle down and get comfortable. Don’t rush it. If you do then it mixes with your foundation and it doesn’t work a well as it could.

And quite frankly this primer is a pretty good one. It worked well for me during my test and it is one I will reach for frequently. I am about to test out a new foundation so i will be rotating my primers through that, but I will be coming back to it. This is not the most pore filling primer I have, however it does do a good job at blurring out some of the appearance of pores and does help mattify the skin without drying it out. Also because it is colorless it is pretty much invisible and doesn’t affect the color of my foundation. In the summer time I often use darker primers to help out slightly light foundations.

Now because it is a clear primer, it is not going to cover dark spots or hide redness in any way. That is not what it is does. It is also not on it’s list of claims. What it claims to do, it does. And it does it well. I was very pleased with its performance and will be reaching for this Marc Jacobs Under(cover) blurring perfecting primer in the future. It has earned a place in my dressing table, even with the coconut.

If you are interested, Marc Jacobs is currently having a sitewide sale. 30% off in fact. I am a big fan of their makeup items. This primer and the bronzer products I highly recommend. I also enjoy their liquid lip glosses and eyeshadows. Their shadow formula is well pigmented and never applies patchy, at least not in the ones I’ve used. I wasn’t a fan of their Youthquake Moisturizer, but the makeup I highly recommend. And while I haven’t tried it yet, they have a new caffeine infused foundation that I so want to try out. I have heard fabulous things about their foundations in the past so I have high hopes for the new one.

Marc Jacobs Beauty


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