The Daily: May 10th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. I don’t know what it is about today but every time I have started to type the date, I have put down April instead of May. Apparently my brain has decided to roll everything back a few weeks. It’ll get over it soon enough.

I did manage to make it to the gym, but I have to admit today was a bit harder for me than many mornings. I spent much of the weekend pulling weeds and doing other gardening chores, most of which involved hauling things from one side of the yard to the other and so my arms and shoulders were achy before I even stated with the machines. Luckily Monday is listed as a cardio heavy day so I did what was listed on my check off sheet and then happily skipped over to the treadmill. I was more than ready to pass the activity to my legs for a bit.

I went with the treadmill today because it has been misty all morning and I doubted I would be able to get to the walking trail. So I feel like I’ve gotten my walk in as well with the extra treadmill time. And so back to the office I went.

Have you ever had a day where it seems like everyone in the world wants to call to talk to you? Apparently today was the day that chatting with me pinged on everyone’s radar. My ear kind of hurts from being pressed against the phone for too long. I know I probably could have used the speaker function but everytime I try something happens around me to make a lot of noise so sometimes it is just better to have a sore ear.

As far as makeup today, I went with a more tamed down look. I am still testing out the Tom Ford Foundation and the Lime Crime Eyeshadow Palette, but I went a bit low key with it.

Today’s Look:

Primer: Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer

Foundation: Tom Ford Traceless soft Matte

Blush/Bronzer/ Highlighter: Real Her Ultimate Glow Getter Cheek Trio Palette

Powder: Fenty Beauty Pro Filter in Cashew

Eyeshadow: Lime Crime Prelude Exposed

Lime Crime : Venus Duo Eyeshadow Bundle

Mascara: Big Poppa from Wet ‘n Wild

Lips: Roen Kiss my Lips in Charlie

The Urban Decay Primer is an old standby and one I still go back to as one of my favorites. It has a pink tint that helps hide pores and while it still has a little of the silicone slip, it is not hugely slippy. It just makes my skin look soft and healthy. I think however that it may have been discontinued. While the above link will take you to the Primer page of Urban Decay, this primer isn’t listed. I will have to look into it some more and get back to you. If it is discontinued I will be using the primer I have up instead of hoarding it so that I don’t run out. I have such a tendency to do that if a product I like has been discontinued. I don’t know why. The product will only last so long and keeping it just means it will expire before I can use it all. I will try to resist the urge if that is in fact the case.

The fate of the primer will be looked into, but regardless, it worked well with the foundation. I started my trial of the Tom Ford Foundation last Thursday. On Both Thursday and Friday I used blurring primers rather than pore filling ones and I noticed by the end of the day, there was a little settling of the foundation around the lines near my mouth. There was no issue around my eyes though. I might be trying a mix of pore filling and glowy primers this week to see it affects the settling. Other than that I do like the way the foundation has been wearing and am happy to continue the testing.

The Real Her face palette is just a really good one for a good everyday look. I know I reach for it a lot and I am starting to see a little outline of the pan below the products. I’ve been trying to not reach for it as much, but it is a really good everyday kind of cheek trio that works well with my skin tones and when it does finally wear out, I will be replacing it.

Today I used the Fenty Beauty Pro Filter loose powder and realized that of my loose powders this one and the Becca Pink Haze are the only two that aren’t translucent. I have tinted pressed powders, but not loose ones. I think that because of that I will be reaching for this more throughout the summer. It is an okay powder. Its color works well for me but it tends to make the skin look a little powdery. I think it is a product that I like enough to use up, but not enough to repurchase. I do think I need to look into more tinted looe powders though. For now though I might lean heavily on it so that I can use it up while I look for a powder to replace it.

With the Lime Crime Palette today I went with just two colors. My plan was yo just use one. I put Nude all over my lid and planned to just leave it there. The shadow went on beautifully. But then I looked down into the pan and the gold shade 1484 just sort of glimmered up at me and I couldn’t resist. So I added it to my inner corners. The gold was so soft and buttery an it blended will with the Nude and didn’t look too popy. Just right for a day in the office. Admittedly everyone I interacted with was over the phone so I could have gone glitter-tastic and no one would have known, but I was feeling sort of subtle today.

Well until I got to the lashes. I couldn’t resist grabbing the Big Poppa from the selection. It is just such a fantastic formula. Everytime I use it I am surprised it is a drugstore brand.

Finally I ended with the lip gloss from Roen. The shade Charlie is a subtle hint of color that suited the rest of the look, at least in my opinion. I went for nice and understated today and I think I actually got there. I’m still watching the Foundation and it’s tendency to settle into fine lines, but I have to say everything else seemed to work well for me today.


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