The Daily: May 11th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. Today has just been a whirlwind. I started off calmly and clearly ready with a plan for the day and then had a series of emergencies that just sort of swept my plan for the day to the side. My morning walk was just not going to happen, so shortly after I post this I am going to sneak out and try for a longer afternoon one. Luckily today wasn’t a gym day so I have a chance to keep on track with the gym. Admittedly I may put out as many fires as possible this afternoon and then not turn my phone on until I get back from the gym tomorrow. Sort of strategically making certain my workout doesn’t get interrupted.

It sounds a little sneaky, but at the same time I think I might actually do that. I can always work a little later tomorrow evening to make up for it. Wednesday nights are usually pretty quiet around here. which sounds kind of funny to say because growing up Wednesday evenings were always church related activities the earliest of which started right after school. If you had an evening free during the week it was Tuesday because all of the activities our church put on for kids were on Wednesdays. I’m sure they probably still do, but not having kids I am not exactly in touch with the schedule.

And now Wednesdays are relatively free and usually the night I end up working late.

Maybe because things pile up midweek…

Regardless, I’m keeping the phone off until after the gym tomorrow. The workout schedule will remain untouched. even if I have to pay for it later.

As for makeup, I’m afraid today I didn’t actually get around to doing any makeup. It was very much a Buckle up and jettison anything unnecessary to dealing with the mix up kind of day. Sadly that meant makeup. I managed a swipe of lip balm and told myself I was letting my skin have the day off to just breathe. Mostly so that I could pretend it was intentional.

I did want to let you know about a couple of sales. The first (and second actually) is La Roche Posay. Currently their Toleriane Foaming Cleanser is in my skincare line up. You can read the full review here if you’d like. And this week I am testing out a sample of their sunscreen which I will talk about on Friday. They have one sale that is going on now and one that starts this weekend.

Free Mini Skincare Set. Receive 4 Free Deluxe Samples with Orders $65+. Use Code: SAMPLE4. Valid: 4/8-4/15.

Free Mini Skincare Set. Receive 4 Free Deluxe Samples with Orders $65+. Use Code: SAMPLE4. Valid: 4/8-4/15.

I really like this brand. The products I’ve tried from them have done well for my skin, and as they are sold both on line and in Target, if I run out i can just pick up a bottle locally. I like having those products that I know work easily available even though I mostly order products on line. Sometimes I misjudge the amount of product in a container or think I have a backup when I don’t or a young family member will decide to use my face wash as bubble bath because it is foamy. (You laugh but I lost an entire bottle of Elemis Foaming cleanser that way one holiday season. I will say her bath was certainly foamy.)

But back to the La Roche Posay, they are designed to be gentle on sensitive skin so if you do have sensitive skin they might be a brand to look into. I love looking into new brands. I especially like looking into them when there is a sale on.

Elemis also has several deals going on right now. The first is the Body Botanicals and second is the Great Outdoors featuring SPF.

Body Botanicals Choose your FREE full-size body bestseller when you spend $100+*. Use Code: BESTSELLER

Get Out & Glow Step into the great outdoors with this FREE 5-piece gift when you spend $85+. Plus, add a FULL SIZE sunscreen to your gift with $125+ orders.* Use Code: SUNCARE

On their best sellers list they include the Frangipani Body Cream. Not only is it deliciously soft but it smells so good. It has the sweet almond scent and feels just as yummy as it smells. I had a tube of this I put on as soon as I got out of the bath and was so upset when it ran out. As I have a bunch body lotions I am trying to get through I can’t justify replacing it just yet, but as soon as I whittle down the number, I am replacing that Body cream. What I loved (besides the scent) was that I could put it on right after my shower, my skin would absorb it quickly so i could get dressed without smearing the body cream all over the clothing. I think the Musclease Active Body Oil is on the favorites list as well. I am currently testing that out and really liking it.

So if you are in the mood to shop or just looking for something new to try, I hope the sales listings are useful to you.

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