Eyeshadow Palette Review: Lime Crime Prelude Exposed

I picked up the Lime Crime Prelude Exposed palette because I thought it was an interesting mix of neutrals. Also while I love their Velvetine Lip Line i had never tried any of their eyeshadows before. The only reason I hadn’t picked any of them up is that the boxy packaging looked like it might take up a lot of space. The Prelude palettes are a little boxy in their packaging, but with eight pans they aren’t terribly large.

It is a very neutral palette. As you can see the two darker shades Storm (top right) and Immortal (lower right) tend to leave a pit of fall out. None of the other shadows really had any fall out when applying them, however when using those two dark shades I found it easier to do my eyeshadow first , clean up the fall out and then proceed to work on the rest of my face.

The top row swatches go from left to right starting with Aphrodite on the left and ending with Storm on the right. I promise the shade Flesh is actually swatched on there it however almost exactly the color of my skin. The pigments are not terribly strong. They can be built up but this is not a really flashy palette. It is very subdued. I actually quite liked it for everyday wear. It has some interest, especially with the shade Aphrodite which has a blue white shift to it as you move in the light.

I think my favorite color in this palette was the almost mauvy tone of Abyss. It is a shade i could easily wear all on its own. I was able to get a pretty decent smokey eye with Immortal as well. And I have to say the gold of the 1484 is quite stunning. While it is a very neutral palette it isn’t a boring neutral palette. I had no problems wearing it all week and coming up with different combinations all week. It is a palette I could easily travel with and know that the eight shades would be enough.

As you can see the second row of swatches is more pigmented than the upper row. They are still not terribly deeply pigmented. They are very buildable. You can easily get a light wash of color or deepen the shades. I had no trouble blending the shades together. In the close up, I Started with Abyss and then layered Immortal over it. I added a touch of storm to the center and then blended in Aphrodite.

Normally I don’t use that many colors for fear of everything becoming muddy. However I wanted to see how they played together. The result turned out looking rather nice. While they work together, they blend, but don’t turn to mud.

Typically I only used one or two shades and they worked well also. I didn’t get a lot of creasing on the shadows but they did fade a bit throughout the day. By the end of an eight hour day what was left of the shadows sort of blended into each other so there was dark on one side and light on the other with no really distinct color variations. However that was really towards the end of the day. After hour six, they still looked fairly decent.

Over all I am very pleased with this palette and I can see myself reaching for it repeatedly. It is neutral enough to wear during the work day, has enough variation to keep it from feeling boring and has the ability to be a bit flashier with the 1484 and Aphrodite shades so I could easily touch it up at the end of the work day if I was going out. I am very happy to have this palette in my collection.

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