A little Milk (Makeup) for Face Mask Friday

Welcome once again my darlings to the Friday Face Mask.  Today I chose to go with the Milk Hydrating Clay face mask.  This is one of those easy to apply, easy to remove face masks.  It comes in a stick form and you basically feel like you are running a fat marker over your face.

Except that you don’t end up with a sharpie mustache, but a face that looks like you ae turning into the Wicked Witch of the West. Or The Incredible hulk.  Take your pick. The best part is the complete lack of mess. 

Well the second best part.  The best part is that it is a really good clay mask. 

I have to admit, I did choose this partially because it is a good clay mask, but partially because of the lack of mess.  It is one of those masks  that doesn’t drip and while it does dry down it doesn’t dry to the point of restricting conversation.  So I was able to put the mask on and move around doing stuff instead of relaxing. 

I know, I usually love my fifteen minute break on Friday afternoons when I get to zone out for just a bit, but today, that just wasn’t happening.  Thursday did prove to be the calm before the storm and I have been running around today in an attempt to get everything squared away before the weekend.  This weekend I have   seedlings to plant and a long list of garden chores so I won’t be able to get much work done. And so I had a working mask today.

An easy mask to move around in, just don’t answer the door after forgetting that you are wearing it.

When doing a working mask, this Milk hydrating mask is a good one to use.  It is easy to apply and rinses off fairly easily.  It doesn’t drip and you can still talk while wearing it. You just might what to use the speaker phone option so it doesn’t get all over your screen.  Plus you do need to remember that it is green.  I forgot I was wearing it and surprised the Postman.  I heard him leaving a package, and opened the door before he could walk away.  He looked up and almost fell over. 

That was when I remembered I was wearing the mask.

But now the mask is gone and my skin feels fantastic.  It is soft and hydrated and ready to tackle the afternoon.  Despite not zoning out for a bit, I feel quite refreshed.  The one thing you have to remember with the Milk Masking Sticks is the same thing you have to remember with all Milk Products.  When you open them they come with a little interior plastic cap.  DON’T Throw it away. 

You need to replace the cap after each use to keep the stick from drying out.  If you leave it in place the stick will last quite a while with no problems.   This is one of my top Milk Products.  I also like the Melatonin Overnight serum and the Matcha toner.  With all of them, just remember to keep the inner cap on them so they don’t dry out and they really do last a while. I really need to look into picking up that Melatonin Overnight serum again.  It was very light weight and perfect for summer.

New Stash Set: Your KUSH + Cooling Water faves (+ NEW Hydrating Face Mask*) in a clear carryall so you can stay hydrated + chill out + get high volume on the go.


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