Weekly Weight: Measurements week 1 of 6

If you remember last week’s post I decided to spend the next six weeks taking measurements instead of stepping on the scale for the weekly weigh in.  It is my way of not sabotaging the new fitness plan.  I knew that as I had to shuffle the schedule around if I didn’t see the weight coming off as fast as I wanted then I would start to drift away from the plan and not give it a true chance.  So I am taking measurements.

You know, I have to say I like taking measurements rather than stepping on the scale every Friday morning.  It is surprisingly a lot less stressful.  I think it is because with the measurements I have no idea what to expect. 

This week my bust and hip measurements went down but the waist stayed the same.  So it is progress and quite frankly more progress than I thought I would see after one week. 

This week was interesting.  We had a lot of rain which cut into my walking time, but I did manage to get to the gym and do my scheduled workouts.  I actually feel really good about making those workouts this week. This week was not exactly smooth sailing but I stuck to my workout schedule and managed to get that time in.   It was a good reminder that I needed to actually treat my workout time as something serious and not something that can just be shuffled to the side. 

I think that because it is something that I am doing just for me, I tend to feel a little selfish when I take time out of the workday to go to the gym.  I know it isn’t rational, but there it is. I think part of the reason that I was able to convince myself to maintain the schedule is because I do have a six week plan in motion.  Knowing that I have exactly six weeks before a final evaluation makes it feel more like a commitment.  And so far so good. 

The Stats:

Starting Measurements (last week): Bust: 49.5 “, Waist: 47”, Hips: 49”

Week 1: Bust: 48”, Waist: 47”, Hips: 48.5”

So the first week’s measurements are down and thus far things are looking good.  I don’t know what to expect with inches lost so there are no expectations to meet.  The numbers are less so I am happy that something is going on.  Hopefully at the end of six weeks that will mean at least some weight loss. At the moment, I have high hopes.

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