May 2021 BoxyCharm Premium Unboxing

For those that don’t know the Boxy Charm Premium is a $35 per month beauty subscription.  Inside each box are six full sized items. This month’s theme is Flourish.  I’ll admit that while I can usually see how the theme fits with the month at hand, I rarely see how the products fit into the theme. 

The first Item out of my box this month is a box of the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye masks (retail $18).  Surprisingly there are only three sets in the box.  Given the size of the box I would have expected more.  I have used the Rodial eye masks before and they are okay.  They aren’t my favorite eye masks, but they work decently well.  I find Rodial to be an interesting brand.  I very much enjoy their serums and creams but tend to feel let down by their sheet masks and under eye masks. 

It’s strange because they have to be similar products as they are all in the same Dragon’s Blood line of products, but there is a really big difference in performance.  I’ll happily use these eye masks but when buying from Radial I tend to go for the tubes and bottles. Still Eye masks are nice especially during allergy season. I tend to use them right after my walks on the walking trail to help recover from the trees and flowering shrubs in the park.

The second Item in this month’s box is the Grown Alchemist Body Cream (retail $26).  I have tried their night cream and while I liked their formula I found them a little too perfume-y for me.  The body cream is scented with Mandarin and Rosemary so I am hoping that the lack of floral and the fact that it is a body cream will help with the scent.  I actually just finished up a body cream so I am looking to try a new one.  I  will probably actually use this one after my shower tonight.  I kind of like the fact that it is in a paint tube.  It should make it easy to use every last drop.

My third item I am not terribly excited about.  It is the Odacite BL + C Pimples Black Cumin + Cajeput Serum (retail $36).  I’ve tried Odacite before and actually liked the product, however this is designed for problem skin.  While I tend to get the occasional issue from too much face mask wearing, over all, I don’t have overly problematic skin.  I get the occasional pimple but I find most problem skin serums dry out my skin very badly and cause more issues than they solve. So I will be more than likely passing this on to someone else.

Also being passed on to someone else is the set of three LaRuce Brushes I received.(retail $96)  It isn’t that I don’t like them it is that I have two entire sets of LaRuce Brushes that I received from IPSY and I already have these three.  They are good brushes, but they are a bit overpriced in my opinion.  You can find my full brush review here if you are interested. 

In general, I really like them. They were a featured product of IPSY for a while. I have noticed that since Boxycharm was purchased by IPSY the two are swapping products back and forth and I suspect there will be some overlap for a little while as they settle into things.  I suspect this won’t be the last overlap. But they are good brushes, even if they are overpriced, and I’m sure someone else will love having them.

There was one makeup item in my box this month and it was the Too Faced Melted Chocolate Eyeshadow (retail $21).  It is a liquid eyeshadow with a matte finish.  I have to say I am very much looking forward to playing around with it and seeing how it works with other formulas. The shade I received (and that I chose) is Amaretto.  It is a slightly pinky neutral and a shade I can easily wear on its own on my eyes. 

Too Faced Swatch

The final item was also a choice item for me and quite frankly I can’t wait to try it out.  It is the Bloom Effects Royal Tulip Nectar Moisturizing nectar (retail $65).  It can be used anywhere on the body but it is suggested as a sleep mask to repair the skins barrier. When I chose it, I thought it was a moisturizer, but I’m okay with a sleeping mask. 

I think I find this interesting because I have never heard of tulip based skin care products.  I am so excited to try it out and will be rolling it into my skincare line up asap. Also the jar is lovely to look at so it satisfies my beauty loving soul as well.

Overall it is a decent box this month.  There are quite a few products I am looking forward to trying.  It isn’t really the most exciting box, but it is still a good one.  I think because last month the Premium box was so spectacular it feels a little bit like a letdown.  It isn’t, it just isn’t as exciting as last month. I would have liked to have seen a bit more makeup though as I am well stocked with skincare. But with every subscription box you are going to have exciting months and non-exciting months.  This was a steady and decent box. The retail value comes to $262 so monetarily I did get my $35 worth out of it.  Sure $96 was for the brushes, which is far too much for these three brushes in my opinion.  However the Bloom Effects Royal Tulip Nectar which I really want to try retails for $65 so just for that This Boxycharm Box was worth it for me. 


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