Unboxing the Look Fantastic May 2021 Beauty Box

Everyone do the happy dance, my Look Fantastic Box has arrived.  As you may recall last month there were a few issues with my box.  Namely that it never made it to me.  For the longest time the tracking link didn’t update and then one morning when I checked in I had a message stating that Royal Mail declared the box to contain banned substances and had it destroyed. 

Which was quite shocking in a beauty box. 

I contacted their customer service and as it was so late in the month, Look Fantastic refunded the cost of the box. It was no hassle at all and I was quite impressed with their customer service.  I am still curious as to what was considered so dangerous, but Royal mail has sent no further explanation.

I will say that I checked this tracking number daily from the time the link was sent to me until the very day it was delivered.  This month it arrived safe and sound. 

So what was in this months’ box?

Well the first item I took out was the Comfort Zone Hydramemory Cream Gel .  It is a moisturizer and the tube looks to be completely full of product so I should be able to get about two weeks of testing out of it.  I’ve tried comfort Zone Moisturizers before and I haven’t been too impressed.  Perhaps this one will surprise me.

The next Item I was happier to see.  It is the ecooking Peeling Mask.  Ecooking is one of those brands that doesn’t get a lot of ad time, at least I don’t see a lot of ads for them.  However every product I have tried from them has been really good.  If you have dry feet or even cracked calluses on your feet I highly recommend their foot cream.  It smells a little bit like Vick’s Vapor Rub but it does amazing things for dry and calloused feet.  Actually in preparation for summer sandal wearing weather I slather my feet with it and then put on a pair of socks before bed.  A few nights and my dry feet are fantastically hydrated and sandal ready.  I haven’t tried the peeling mask but I am very much looking forward to it. 

The This Works Stress Check Kind Hands Cream I am less enthused by.  I rarely get super excited about hand cream anyway, but  the brand This Works and I don’t tend to get on.  I know so many people rave about them (my mother included) but their products always seem to leave me flat.  Except their pillow spray, that I was actually allergic to and had a massive sneezing fit when I tried it.  I ended up having to change out pillows before I could sleep. I may end up just passing this along to my mom who will no doubt love it.

The Burt’s Bees Lip balm, while not terribly exciting is nice to have around.  It is a good formula and I like Burt’s Bees.  There were several possible options.  I received the Watermelon Pasteque. It is a clear lip balm that smells like Watermelon.  It is nice and I will definitely use it, but it isn’t hugely exciting.

I am interested in trying out the Dr. Botanicals Kiwi eye Serum.  I recently tried their Pomegranate sleeping mask and I really enjoyed using that so I hope the eye serum performs just as well.  I didn’t open it up , even though I dying to know if it does smell like kiwis.  It is an all natural brand and once you open it the clock starts ticking.  Even though I want to know about the scent I will have to wait until I am ready to roll it into my skin care line up to find out about the scent.

Finally there is a skincare tool in my box.  It is the Silicone Exfoliating Pad from the Vintage Co.  I have to say I am intrigued.  I have seen these in stores for years but never picked one up.  Now that I have one I think it will be fun to give it a try. It is a very soft silicone so I think it might actually be gentle enough to use on a daily basis. That is always the trick with anything exfoliating. I have some products I can use multiple times a week and some I can only use once a month. I can’t wait to see how this performs with my La Roche Posay Toleriane Foaming cleanser. Will there be more foamng? A deeper clean? I don’t know, but it will be fun to try.

So that was my May Look Fantastic Box.  Was it the most fabulous box they have ever scent? Not really.  However for me the ecooking Peeling mask and the silicon exfoliating pad make the box for me.  The This Works hand cream I’ll pass along to someone who will love it, I’ll certainly use the Burt’s Bees Lip Balm and I’m willing to give the Comfort Zone a try.  Even though it isn’t hugely exciting, it was still a good box and in my opinion definitely worth the price of the subscription.

And speaking of the cost of the subscription.

While this box is $19 per month (a pretty good bargain in my opinion) if you sign up for a year you can get the box for only $16 (plus tax) and you will still only pay monthly. You don’t have to pay the entire year up front. Which I personally love. And if you sign up by using my referral link then for a limited time you can get 20% off. I think I get credits if you use it , otherwise I have no affiliation. It has, for me, been a very good box. Even on month’s that weren’t exciting I’ve gotten good products that I wouldn’t have found on my own. And with the one exception of last month’s Royal Mail debacle, I’ve had no issues with the subscription. And even then their customer service took care of it right away. Personally, I still want to know what Royal mail deemed so dangerous about last month’s Beauty Box.

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