The Daily: May 19th, 2021

Good afternoon my darlings. Today is a beautiful day. The irritation is gone from my eye and I no longer look like my right eye is crying over a sadness my left eye can not comprehend. Whatever contaminant hit my eye while on yesterdays walk has been washed free and no permanent damage was taken.

It also means I didn’t have to either try wearing my glasses at the gym today or navigate the gym blind. Without my glasses or contacts the world is very much an impressionistic painting. Except that it moves, which is somewhat disconcerting. But I am back to normal and back to only using my Thin Optics readers.

I love these things. Not only because I can read without ending up with a headache but after a day wearing my regular glasses they feel as light as air. I know after a few days of normality I’ll take the lightness for granted, but the day after I’ve worn my glasses they seem almost insubstantial. Oh and they have a discount coming up. Get 30% off – Value Packs: Always with you – Features all three from 5/21 – 5/23. There isn’t a code you need to get the discount. I’ll try to remember to post a reminder again on Friday when the sale goes live. I’m sure I’ll still be marveling at the comparison between them and my regular glasses. Luckily my regular glasses have the ultra thin lenses otherwise they’d be super heavy coke bottles.

But I am back to my contacts and readers. So the gym was easy to navigate. I also went on a walk and realized that spring is fading fast. Actually I think we managed all of a week of spring if you add the nice warm but not too warm days together. I think the temps are no just skipping out on the rest of spring and plunging straight into summer. On the bright side i am getting to test the effectiveness of the Native Deodorant in the heat. So that’s fun. And given the dampness of my shirt today I may need to pick up a summer antiperspirant to use when I might be sweaty and have to talk to actual people. The soaked shirt was fine for the walking trail, but probably not for time spent with people.

Today’s look:

Primer: Urban Decay All Nighter Primer

Foundation: Kristofer Buckle Triplicity Foundation Stick

Bronzer/Blush/Highlight: Real Her Cheek Trio Ultimate Glow Getter Palette

Powder: No 7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder

Eyeshadow: One/Size Patrick Starr Visionary palette

Mascara: They’re Real Magnetic Mascara

Lip: MAC Love Me Lipstick in Bated Breath

While I am still testing out the Urban Decay All Nighter Primer today was mostly about the Patrick Starr Palette. I sort of chose products that worked well without me having to think too much about them so that I could play with the palette. I am going to keep playing around with it so you will see it pop up a lot in the next week or so. I went for the Suede Charm as the crease shade, with Matcha in the outer v and the Olive it in the inner corner. I don’t usually go for these sorts of green shades (although I can not resist a good jewel toned emerald) but I wanted to try the Olive It Shimmer as it isn’t a color I have elsewhere.

In fact it is the only shade in the palette i don’t really have elsewhere.

The shadows went on well and were quite pigmented. they blended fairly easily as well.I’ll have to see how they wear but with first use they seemed like really nice shadows. It certainly isn’t a hardship to play with it for a week. So we will see how the rest of the shades perform. It isn’t exciting , but it does perform so we’ll see.

As I chose some of my favorites for the rest of my face it shouldn’t be surprising that I liked how they worked out for me as well. The Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real magnetic performs well but to be honest I don’t see much of a difference between it and the regular They’re Real Mascara. I’m going to do a side by side comparison with the two just to check but to me they feel and look the same. which isn’t bad, it is a good mascara and one I repeatedly use. I just don’t see the difference between the two.

So that was me today. I could see, I did my workouts, I tested my deodorant, took a shower and got back to work. And now with this little break over, it is back to work for me for the afternoon. I hope the rest of your day runs smoothly.

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